4 Tips on Hosting a TV Binge-Watching Party for Beginners


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Did you know that the average adult American watches over 4 hours of TV daily? With countless streaming platforms available and new and exciting shows to watch, it’s no wonder TV binge-watching parties are a growing trend.

These parties make for a fun twist on traditional get-togethers, and best of all, you and your friends can watch your favorite shows for hours on end! But how do you host a TV binge-watching party?

From food and snacks to drinks and seating, there are several steps to take when hosting a TV party. To learn how to throw the best TV binge-watching party yet, make sure to keep reading.

What Shows Do You Want to Binge-Watch?

It’s important to decide on a TV show(s) to watch before planning your party. If there’s a new season of a favorite program dropping on Netflix in two weekends, then plan a TV binge-watching party accordingly. You can open up your party with the last episode of the previous season as a segue into the new season.

If you’re into binge-watching Netflix, then you can plan an impromptu party and select a TV show once your friends arrive. Be sure your binge-watching schedule starts early enough that you can watch the maximum amount of episodes.

Unsure of what to watch? There are countless TV shows in the 70s available to stream. You can sit back and relax as you enjoy some classic TV.

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Choose a date that works for you and your friends, and get ready to plan the tiny details!

Food and Snacks

Your guests will expect you to have food, snacks, and soft drinks, so why not have fun with them? Think of the theme of your party and purchase food that complements it. Seinfeld fans might have a “big salad” and Friends fans might order “Joey’s Mini Meatball Sandwiches”.

Be sure to offer plenty of coffee and water so your guests and well-hydrated (and wide awake to watch all your favorite shows!).


You’ll want to ensure all your guests have a clear view of the TV. You may need to rearrange your living room or bring in extra chairs from the dining room or kitchen, but it’s essential that every guest have somewhere to sit, and in plain view of the TV.

If you’re short on seating, you can ask to borrow folding chairs from friends, or use pillows as floor seating.

Bathroom Breaks

Make sure to take breaks in between episodes. This allows your friends to get food, use the restroom, and discuss the TV shows you’re watching. You can even use this as an opportunity to ask and answer trivia questions about the show!

There are tons of great apps for your phone that allow you to play TV show trivia.

Get Ready to Party

Now that you know how to host a TV binge-watching party, it’s time to send out the invites. Give your friends plenty of notice, and be sure to have food and snacks to keep everyone comfortable all night long.

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