Work, family, and friendship are the weights that are seen as a woman’s duty to maintain the balance between. Cable Girls season 5 is actually this type of drama. It is set in the early 1920s and its language is Spanish. The drama deals with all the aspects of a working woman’s life as mentioned earlier here.

Performing the moral duties and dealing with the political unrest of the country at the same time is another way to describe the period drama. Not to mention, this is the first drama of Netflix in Spanish.

Release date of Cable Girls Season 5 part 2

The drama made its way to our screen way back in 2017 and with very little time won million hearts. Among various reasons for its popularity are women empowering narrative, perfect balance of humor and romance, well-written characters and historical accuracy with regards to costume and set design.

The first part of season 5 was released in February 2020. The season was doing great by attracting the audience but the creator planned to pull the plug after five seasons.

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Netflix has not confirmed the release date but as we know that the production of the full season has already been completed. This suggests that Cable Girls season 5 part 2 will air in June 2020.

Cable Girls Season 5 Part 2 Cast

Cable Girls perfectly depicts the political situation and woman life of 1920s. The leading woman roles are played by Nadia de Santiago as Maria Inmaculada Suárez Pazos, Ana Fernández as Carlota Rodríguez de Senillosa, Blanca Suárez as Lidia Aguilar Dávila (changed from Alba Romero Méndez) and Maggie Civantos as Angeles Vidal.

The four core cast shares stage with Martiño Rivas as Carlos Cifuentes, Concha Velasco as Doña Carmen de Cifuentes, Ángela Cremonte as Elisa Cifuentes, Ana Polvorosa as Oscar Ruiz, Yon González as Francisco Gómez, and Antonio Velázquez as Cristóbal Cuevas Moreno.

Cable Girls Season 5 Part 2: What will happen?

False murder accusation on Alba not only changed her life but with the jeopardy started the Cable Girls struggle on Netflix too. Now, to remove the stains of false accusations, she was offered a deal by a policeman. But this deal, at first seemed like a dilemma for her, needed her to rob money from the local telephone company.

Now, where the story will lead or how the plot will get twists depends on time!