6 Best CouchTuner Alternative Websites 2020

Surfing the internet merely for social media has long passed away. Now people are obsessed with TV shows and movies. From hundreds of online available websites for watching TV shows and movies online, CouchTuner is considered the best. Due to various reasons, CouchTuner is acknowledged as the best website for online TV shows and movies. But to handle massive crowds at one place requires a lot of data handling.

In this post, we will highlight the top best CouchTuner alternative websites for 2020. To enhance your TV shows and movie experience, keep reading this post.

Movies and games are the most basic addiction for this generation and people are busy in looking at different websites. It is no secret that the most loved leisure around the world is movies and TV shows. This is one of the many reasons why people from different and distant parts of the world subscribe to Netflix and many other platforms offering ad-free TV shows and movies.

What is CouchTuner?

With the advancement of technology and the development of Android technology, spending leisure underwent many improvements and changes. These improvements and changes brought various new things to light and TV shows and movies are one of those improvements.

To watch TV shows and movies online, there are different online websites available. These websites offer ad-free quality content (TV shows, movies, and music). CouchTuner is a website among hundreds of online platforms available for TV shows and movies.

How to use CouchTuner?

To some extent, all of these websites explore content from other sites which isn’t liable to copyrights – at least they claim it in this way. Surfing the internet merely for social media is the best way to spend leisure but if you are looking for something more interesting then CouchTuner is your pal.

If you are facing any problem while streaming TV series or movies on CouchTuner, you have two options: either you can change the VPN address or choose any CouchTuner alternative from the list below. And one more thing, CouchTuner is completely safe.

  • SolarMovie

Looking for the top best CouchTuner alternatives for 2020 needs you to visit various available websites for the same purpose and SolarMovie happens to the best option. Its elegant design and the state-of-the-art first page give you the latest content, trending movies and TV series, and it is extremely easy to explore the new uploads here. As we have already mentioned above that most of the streaming sites provide content from non-affiliated sources, SolarMovie does the same.

  • Daily TV Fix

It is right to have special creed for TV series in this modern world. If you are one of those who can’t live with suspense and thrill of new episodes, Daily TV Fix has all the latest episodes for you. From this CouchTuner alternative, you can search for movies and TV series by their names. The latest episodes are being uploaded from time to time and it will give you the ultimate experience of streaming.

  • New Episodes
New Episodes

As the name suggests, New Episode is a website where you can find the latest TV shows. The main page gives you the Aired TV shows this week, the latest TV shows, and New TV shows. You may arrange the page alphabetically. One interesting feature of this CouchTuner alternative website is that you can schedule your favorite shows. Same like Daily TV Fix New Episodes has an active forum where users interact. It is highly recommended to introduce yourself so that you will get a proper welcome.

  • PutLocker
Source: Putlocker

If you ask me what is the most loved and visited online movie and TV show streaming website, without any doubt I will answer PutLocker. It is not about me or any other content developer but if you have ever streamed for online movies you recognize it instantly. The best part of this giant movie and TV series streaming website is that you will have plenty of mirror forums. Put short, availability is never an issue at PutLocker.

  • Primewire

Want to stream movies, TV shows, and music in one place, visit Primewire. Unlike any other website mentioned in this post, this platform allows you to watch movies online, stream Tv shows, and to listen to music in one place. Every newly added and already added movie, TV series, and music chart gives you the rating in stars.

  • Moviewatcher
Movie Watcher

Moviewatcher is claimed to be the only website which is an online cinema. Here one can find movies by the years and genres, and TV series. There are two different sections for movies: new movies and popular movies. The major advantage of this website is that here one can enjoy movies and TV shows without any registration. Different genres include Sci-fi, drama, thriller, crime, fantasy, family, game show, history, horror, and many more.

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