8 Tips for Buying a Used Car From a Dealer

Did you know that most people don’t understand the financing terms when they buy a vehicle? Prepare and research before buying a vehicle. If you want to learn some used car buying tips, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over tips for buying a used car from a dealer.

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1. What’s Your Budget?

Before heading to any car dealership, you should figure out your budget. What can you spend on a used vehicle? Most car dealerships will try and convince you to spend more than what you can afford.

Go over your income and expenses and determine what’s affordable. This way, you will go into the dealership with a firm number in mind.

You could get pre-approved for a car loan. Use a loan calculator as well to figure out how much you could spend.

2. Spend Time Researching Different Dealerships

Whether a small town or a large city, there tends to be a bunch of different dealerships. Some dealerships will have a better reputation compared to others.

Find out if the dealership has a franchise deal to sell pre-owned and certified vehicles.

Check out Better Business Bureau. You can learn if there are any complaints about the dealership. Spend time reading the reviews on Google and Yelp.

What kind of vehicles are in stock? Learn about the car dealership online. Don’t go to a car dealership that has mainly bad reviews. You might end up getting scammed or pressured to buy a more expensive vehicle.

3. What Vehicles Are At the Dealership?

Check out the cars on the dealership’s website. Some dealerships will provide lots of information about the vehicle. You might be able to read about the vehicle’s history and get the VIN.

You can look at pictures of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. This way, you can know a bit about the car before seeing it on the lot.

4. What Vehicle Do You Want?

Some people might want to head to the dealership and begin their search.

Try to spend time researching different cars. You should think about the additional features you’re looking for in a vehicle. What models or makes do you prefer?

Make a list of your favorite types so you can begin to narrow down your choice. Learn about customer recalls or complaints about some of the vehicles.

What kind of vehicle will you need for your family or life situation? You might need to get a larger vehicle for your growing family. Some people want a fuel-efficient car.

Consider what you will look for in a used car. If you have always wanted to own a jeep or truck, find a dealership with these vehicles. Check out the best used chevy trucks.

5. Consider Running a CarFax Report

If you find a car you love and have the VIN, run a CarFax report. You can do this beforehand. You’ll learn about the vehicle’s history and spot any red flags. This way, you won’t end up getting disappointed later.

You’ll need to spend a little bit to get the report. Yet, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing more about the vehicle’s condition. You will also have an easier time narrowing down your top choices.

6. Don’t Skip the Test Drive

You shouldn’t buy a used vehicle without taking it out on a test drive. The test drive will allow you to see how the car drives. Make sure you test everything about the vehicle, from the radio system to the brakes.

Take your time on the test drive. Salespeople will try and pressure you. If they try and distract you or tell you not to take it on the highway, consider going to another dealership.

7. Ask a Mechanic to Inspect the Vehicle

You should make sure a mechanic checks your vehicle. If the dealership has maintenance records, still bring your vehicle to get inspected. Do this before you sign any kind of paperwork.

Dealers who give you a hard time about having a mechanic might be hiding something. You should leave this dealership if this happens.

8. Try to Negotiate a Better Price

For a lot of buyers, negotiating tends to be one of the most stressful experiences. If you have a pre-approval, you’ll know what you can afford.

Make sure you still try and haggle with the dealership to get the best price possible.

You should go in with a reasonable but lower offer that’s based on research. Of course, the salesperson will have a higher bid.

Make sure you make small incremental changes. Prepare to walk away from that particular vehicle if you can’t settle on a price.

When buying from a dealership, you’re the one in charge. A salesperson might try to make you feel the opposite way.

Make sure you do plenty of research beforehand. You want to know about the model, vehicle, and dealership. Have your budget set up ahead of time.

Now You Have Some Tips for Buying a Used Car From a Dealer

We hope this guide on buying used cars was helpful. Now that you have some tips for buying a used car from a dealer start your research.

Make sure you understand what your budget is on purchasing a vehicle. Research and find out what make or model you’d like to buy. Don’t forget to negotiate with the car dealership.

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