Every finale of every season warrants another season only when there remains some sort of mystery, gap, or even unanswered questions and situations. The Tuesday finale of This Is Us Season 4 answered various burning questions on the storyline and also paved the way for another season of the show.

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At the season 4 finale, one of many mysteries comes to an end. The major breakthrough was learning Madison is the mother of Kevin’s son. This not only ended a mystery but unfold a lot of other questions as well.

Series Creator Says,

The finale of season 4 gave the stunning news that after several tries with Kate’s best friend, Madison, someone finally fathered twins. The series creator and producer, Dan Fogelman, said, “Kevin has a journey ahead of him, and I don’t want to get too far ahead of it just yet.” These remarks came to answer the question that the revelation of pregnancy of Madison at the season’s finale may suggest that she is the fiancée at the cabin with Kevin.

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To add some details to the question about Kate, the creator said that Cassidy and Sophie having previous romance history with Kate are not done yet and they are still on the run.

Big Storyline Plans for Madison

As it has aforementioned the previous season warrants the upcoming one with a suggestion of plot, cast, characters, and storyline. The revelation Madison’s pregnancy at the season 4 finale hints that there are big plans already planned for her appearance at season 5.

Talking about the future and pregnancy, “It’s going to be a challenging track for Rebecca, moving forward. We also have a big storyline planned for Mandy in the coming season in present-day, as an older woman, and also in her past timelines,”Fogelman said.

An Insight into Cast for Future

Along with the storyline of season 5, Fogelman suggested some words related to the cast of the future as well.He said assuring more screen time for Milo Ventimiglia and others, “[The writers] will never be out of past flashbacks that inform the present.” He further added that different timelines showing past their present days will be shown in the coming seasons.

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