Changing a person’s hair color to another is a simple process. However, it is one that should be approached with a bit of caution. Any color of hair can be achieved by applying chemical or natural dyes on the hair and allowing it time to coat or saturate the hair cuticle. Once the specified amount of time has passed, the user rinses the remaining product out of their hair and, if they followed directions properly, they should have a new look of hair with the desired color. Hairdressers Fredericton recommended the following tips to ensure for best coloring experience. 

Hair Color Methods

Hair can be colored using one of two methods. The most common way of coloring hair is by using a “semi-permanent” or temporary method that merely coats the hair cuticle with dyes and pigments of the desired color. The second manner is by applying a “permanent” dye that soaks deep into the hair shaft, penetrating the protective cuticle, and changing the color of the hair shaft entirely. In a first manner, the hair will gradually return to its natural color after a couple of hair wash. In the permanent method, hair only returns to its true, natural color after the dyed portion of the hair has grown out or cut off.

Color your hair carefully

Dying one’s hair is not a difficult process, but failure to follow the recommended directions can result in unnatural colorings, damaged hair, or worse. Failure to leave the product on more than the recommended time can result a totally different color at all. If the product is allowed to remain on the hair for too long, chemical burning of the hair may occur, which can lead temporary hair loss.

Perform Allergy Test

Prior to applying any coloring product to your hair, you should perform an allergy test to check for sensitivity to the chemicals or dyes used in the product. You can simply perform the allergy test by taking a small amount of the hair coloring mixture and applying it to an out-of-sight patch of skin, and then waiting to see if an allergic reaction occurs. Symptoms of an allergic reaction could include irritation of the skin, eyes, or nose, difficulty breathing, redness or swelling, dizziness, nausea, and many more possible serious conditions. If you begin to have any reaction, even a slight one, to the product being tested, then you need to discard the entire box and look for an alternative solution or product with different chemicals for your hair coloring needs. This test should be performed at least two days prior to coloring the hair.

Sample test for desired results

In addition to the allergy test, you should also perform a coloration test prior to applying the hair coloring product. This test can be performed by taking a small lock of hair and then attaching the hair to a piece of paper with clear tape. A small amount of the hair coloring product is applied to the sample of hair as directed on the product packaging. With this procedure, the user can test the product on an actual sample of his/her hair to ensure that the resulting color is the same what they desire.

After Care

Once the desired hair color has been achieved, the user should read the packaging for proper care of the new color. Some coloring products, particularly those that are labeled as “temporary,” will fade more quickly if exposed to sunlight or pool chemicals for an extended period of time. With proper care, however, even temporary coloring can last several weeks.

Pro Tip: After applying your desired hair color, you should read the packaging to determine the best manner to care for your newly color treated hair. Depending on how the color is applied, the user may be advised to refrain from washing their hair for some time or to avoid pool chemicals. However, by strictly following all recommendations, you can enjoy your new desired hair color for 3 to 4 weeks depending on the type of the color.

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