Brooklyn 99 season 6 is one of the best light-hearted shows that first premiered on January 2019, on NBC. The season consisted of eighteen episodes and concluded in May 2019. We are aware of the fact that no shows last forever, and fans should have some backup series to turn to – Here is the list of shows that you can keep at your back pocket and watch when you end watching Brooklyn 99 season 6.

Summary of Brooklyn 99 season 6

Holt figures out his commissioner posts are lost and that sent him in a deep depression. Later, Jake and Amy push him to stand up to Kelly’s policies and that results in the new commissioner to begin retaliating against 99.

Gina finds that she has a talent and quits the job and start emerging as an internet celebrity.  Jake and Amy remain a constant debate on whether they should have kids or not.

Jake and Holts find out that Kelly is using an app to wiretap the population that can result to recruit some of the old rivals to expose his crimes.

And finally, Kelly is suspended Wuntch is assigned as the acting commissioner; she uses her power and asks Holt to make up for the missing petrol officer days and allows Terry to remain at nine-nine.

Veronica Mars:

People love the amalgamation of love and crime in Brooklyn 99 and this is what you can also find in Veronica Mars. The show revolves around Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) who follows her father’s footsteps and works as a private investigator. People who admire the crime solving series accompanying a light-hearted comedy will love every bit of Veronica Mars.


The storyline of the superstore follows a group of employees who have been working in St. Louis, Missouri – a fictional store along with workforce comedy will worth every minute.  The majority of the American was to put on a laminated tag on a certain point of their lives., the popularity of the show was because the story can relate to many people out there.

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Chuck is an excellent workplace/drama/comedy that can provide you some great belly laughs. Chuck is as average as his name and works in a retail outlet as a computer tech. His life changes when he gets an encoded email from one of his acquaintances for the CIA. When the top-secret intelligence gets downloaded on his brain then things change at a faster pace. The series got great appreciation, therefore, run for five seasons.

Reno 911

Fans of cop-humor already knew that this show would make its way on the list of ‘ Best shows to watch after Brooklyn 99 season 6’. It is a mockumentary-style parody and it is as funny as you can imagine.  The story follows dozens of incompetent police officers and their struggle to resolve the everyday police cases.  Most of the show is fully improvised and that makes it even more ridiculous, if you are more into such shows and keen to discover such amazing content then consider bookmarking ‘Wisley’ – blog for all the television and celebrity news.

Happy endings:

Happy endings were suspended back in 2013 but managed to reappear due to massive following and due to the fact it was darn relatable. The shows revolve around the lives of six friends who put the fun in dysfunctional – the show has every character from an overachieving businessman and neurotic housewife to the dizzy single girl and a crazy married couple.

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