‘Doctor Who’ is a fictional TV program of BBC science and it has been produced for 11 times, including 13th doctor, This article bags all that you need to know about 13th doctor. It will start from how old is 13th doctor, what is the 13th doctor, and then what is the real name of the 13th doctor. The bonus will include why the doctor has two hearts.

From an overwhelming reaction it got for its trailer, the 13th doctor is considered as one of the best seasons of Doctor Who. The trailer of the season is genuinely crafted to make the viewers imagine scenery that highlights sense, creates an air of relief, and let one relax while watching it on the widescreen.

The greenery, the woods, the stones, and the incredibly visible dress of the protagonist of the Doctor Who’s 13th Doctor has everything in it to fell in love with it. The broken wheel shown in the trailer has an appeal in it. It is loudly saying that in this season of the show there will be a new start. Lastly, the protagonist’s opening en empty palm and with the help of some sort of magic creating a key is marvelous.

13th doctor
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The trailer is incredibly knitted in a way to let the thrill prevail. In these 2 minutes, a viewer comes across a lot of ideas and happening pending to be seen through the show. The trailer of any show holds key importance because it is the first appearance of the performance and it is the only way to make viewer watch the upcoming show.

The first glimpse of Jodie Whittaker- as the protagonist- and her walk to the cabin which is o be open by the key in her hand, has all in it to make thrill prevail. This science series will make your jaw lick as it is looking very promising from the trailer.

After the trailer, it is time to answer some of the important queries made by thousands of fans online.

Companions of the 13th doctor

It is obvious from the previous seasons that there will be companions of Doctor that will assist the 13th Doctor to continue the scientific journey. The 13th doctor will consist of 11 stories (11 episodes). Graham O’Brien, Ryan Sinclair, and Yasmin Khan are the companions of the 13th Doctor.

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Question of Donna’s life

In the final episode of the 10th doctor, we witnessed that Donna’s journey end. But she is alive. She was not dead, in fact, her memory was wiped out in order to protect her. She is not dead but sad thing is that she forgot about the doctor and all the adventure. This may give us a new twist in the plot.

The top 5 hottest Doctor Who companions

In our quest about the things you need to know about the 13th Doctor, the top 5 hottest Doctor Who companions are worth mention. Here are the top 5 Hottest Doctor Who companions

  1. Romana II
  2. Amy Pond
  3. Romana I
  4. Sarah Jane Smith
  5. Zoe Hariot

As it is obvious from the above-mentioned list of the viewers’ top-ranked hottest Doctor Who companions, we will miss them in the 13th Doctor. Let’s Hope that Graham O’Brien, Ryan Sinclair, and Yasmin Khan will make their place to the list.

How old is Rose Taylor?

In the 9th Doctor Who season, Rose Marion Taylor played by Billie Piper. She was born on 27th April, 1987. She met the Doctor when she was 19 years old.

The longest running Doctor

At the dawn of the 13th Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker, many people ask a question about the longest-running Doctor. From the shortest running Doctor – Christopher Eccleston – Doctor Who has 11 doctors. However, with the appearance in 172 episodes from 1975 to 1981 (7 years), Tom Baker is the longest-running Doctor.

Doctors has two hearts

There is a term in medical called ‘Gallifreyan’ used for a person with two hearts. In the normal human body there is only one heart but in Gallifreyan there 2 hearts. Doctor Who belongs that group with binary hearts. Here the blood vessels lead to two hearts. This situation could be natural and it also could be a result of medical treatment. Instead of replacing a heart doctor place another heart to share the burden.

The real name of Doctor Who: A Mystery of 54 years

Finally to sum up, one of the greatest mysteries about Doctor Who you must know before watching the 13th Doctor, is the real name of Doctor Who. The mystery is cracked by Peter Capaldi. In an interview he said, “I’m not in charge of the show, so I don’t get to have a real name as the Doctor.” He further added, “But I think he does have a real name… I think ‘the Doctor’, like everything about him, is a thing he’s come up with to make himself understood by human beings.”S

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