All you need to know about the future food business – Cloud Kitchen


India is developing tremendously in recent years, and many new techniques have been coming Cloud Kitchen out these days. People have started purchasing via an online platform. Likewise, a cloud kitchen took place. 

Cloud kitchen means a kitchen where the food is baked, and then such food is delivered to the houses where you order something either via online ordering or by calling. It has a pretty good impact in India as many people prefer to order online after a hectic day. In India, it is compulsory to conduct an online FSSAI registration before starting any food-related business. So, if you are planning to start a cloud kitchen, start with such registration.

Cloud kitchen is a good choice

Although the cloud kitchen has begun recently, it is persistently showing growth. There is a low risk associated with it, and it offers multiple benefits. Cloud kitchens do not have to worry about the ambiance and dining service. It can be known as ghost kitchens. It is only concerned with the food quality and delivery service. As per the research, almost 81% of people order food online in India. There are around 300+ cloud kitchens in India. According to industry research, markets would grow about 15 billion by the year 2023.  

Why should you choose a cloud kitchen?

All at the same place with more brands

Cloud kitchen has more than one brand under a single kitchen like; if you are offering Indian foods from the restaurants to the people and you also want to add continental and Chinese food, then instead of including the same in the menu, you can make the separate place for this brand so that customers and receivers would feel it to be genuine in nature. It can be cost-effective while reducing the burden on you. This way, consumers can taste your brand and appreciate it in the market.

Food becomes your sole priority

In a cloud kitchen, food becomes the priority because you will not have to worry about the place, dining, décor and arrangement of tables. The only thing that you will have to provide us a good quality food to the consumers. You can maintain the menu by offering appropriate names and choose delicious food dishes that the consumers would appreciate. As soon as you receive feedback from the consumers, you can improve the quality of food where needed. This would help you progress and promote your business.

Offering more with less space

In the cloud kitchen, you will have a small kitchen to prepare the food with a reasonable cost of rent and less staff, which would further occupy less space. But if your food quality is superior, people would start to recognize you in the market, and you will receive many more orders each day. It can be very effective as it requires less investment and provides more profit.

A few disadvantages of the cloud kitchen

One of the main drawbacks of cloud kitchens is that with an increase in demands for this type of business, there will be more competition in the market, creating hurdles in attaining more profits for you.

As people are becoming idle, they would not prefer to go outside and stay indoors due to pandemics, which increases obesity.

  • Many times, there would be delays in the delivery, which some consumers would not prefer.
  • Quality matters the most in this game, and if it is not up to the mark, no one would order anything from you.

You will have to make arrangements for online orders and fast delivery mechanisms to provide excellent service to the customers. To cope up with the competition, you would require experienced staff as well. You should invest more money in the packaging to make it more appealing to the consumers.

Marketing is the area in which you will have to pull up your socks. You can use social media for this purpose to spread the word about your food business. The business location becomes very important as you would want to choose the area from where you will receive more orders.

Prominent kitchens in India

– Zomato – was established in Delhi, and now it is very famous in India and spread into more than 25 countries. Many customers prefer to order through it.

– Swiggy – It is one of India’s most extensive cloud kitchens, and it was set up in 2014. Currently, it is considered one of the fastest and biggest food delivery companies. Generally, it takes up to 25 million order deliveries per month. It offers discounts and coupons as well to consumers.

– Box8 – is the fastest food delivery service app in Delhi. Mainly they provide the desi taste or food to the customers such as desserts, paratha, tandoori chicken and so forth.

You can start fulfilling the basic requirements to start a cloud kitchen business and experience a little to no impact of the pandemic. Since many people are preferring home-made food over restaurants you can start the cloud kitchen and meet the growing market amidst the pandemic. Nonetheless, many food industries have been shut down, and the food delivery rate has also plummeted. Cloud kitchens have been facing supply chain issues as well. Now, cloud kitchen will have to focus on safety measures to spread the virus.

In conclusion

In these challenging times, cloud kitchens will have to focus on cleanliness and safety very rigorously. They will have to comprehend the peoples’ demands while adopting the environment in every possible way to survive the jolt of a pandemic.

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