Throughout season 1, we learn one fact and the most obvious one, Takeshi Kovacs never smiles. Dealing with the future of mankind where a person’s mind can be digitized and he can be controlled by anyone in authority or possessing the resources to do so. The first season of the dull serious sci-fi show consists of 10 episodes. And spending 10 hours on Netflix without a single smile is hard!

But spending these 10 hours on Netflix makes me realize the criteria for the lead role. It is no secret that Anthony is known for his roles like “Robocop” and “Suicide Squad”. One can attribute different terms to the protagonist like Angry Kinnaman or Sad Kinnaman or Confused Kinnaman.

The Plot Requirement

Maybe it was the requirement of the plot or to make it more digital-like that one simple emotion was undermined in the first season. But it is not the as Altered Carbon Season 2 offers a completely different, or to some extent different, picture of the story. 

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With hundreds of genres and thousands of writers, Sci-fi is the latest trend evolving with time. Every studio is eager to launch the best adaptation.

The Talented Actor

As Altered Carbon Season 2 is already available on Netflix, one can easily feel the difference. Anthony has a wide range of skillset when it comes to acting and season 2 has proved it that he can smile amid chaos. Though Kovacs, the title role played by Anthony Mackie, is not Han Solo beating baddies and cracking laughter, but it has a lot to offer.

What Altered Carbon Season 2 offers?

Spoilers Ahead!

Kovacs is busy searching his lady, clearing his name, surviving a war between the Harlan government (led by an overtly villainous governor played by Lela Loren) and a mysterious band of rebel fighters. Not only this but many of his AI friends are glitching making him short of friends. Partnering with a local bounty hunter named Trepp (Simone Missick) comes after different mini-missions. There is much drama to offer at Altered Carbon Season 2 that the first season seems only a platform required for the final landing. It consists of 8 episodes with none run less than an hour.

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