Rick and Morty is an American animated series originally aired on Cartoon Network. The 3rd season of the show has the highest ratings in adult swim’s history and was regarded as the funniest comedy show among millennials. Rick and Morty season 3 has starred Justin Roeland as Morty smith and Rick Sanchez, Spencer Grammar as Summer Smith, Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith and Sarah Chalke as Beth smith. The 3rd season comprises of ten episodes. The show premiered with the first episode “ “The Rickshank Rickdemption” after some time when initial airing was finalized in October 2017.

Season 2 ended when Rick handed himself into the Galactic Federation – anticipating for lifetime prison. Beneath the white house, an alien has taken over Kennedy Sex Tunnels, and rick and Morty have to stop it  – it’s not adventurous as they have done it before and it is also no more exciting for them to be called as “ Ghostbusters”.  Read the Rick and Morty season 3 short summary before you kickstart the fourth season.

Rick and Morty Season 3 recap

The third season also saw the long-dreaded marriage between Beth and Jerry and the unsettled birth of the Pickle Rick. In the last season, Rick and Morty finally managed to reunite with Mr. president – it is the first time they are given the opportunity to meet since, in the last season, musical talent back was enlisted. However, the reason for the meet-up was less schwitfy this time around.

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Potus little favor had been the total disastrous of time for Rick and Morty – not even took a selfie to celebrate the occasion. And from onwards, Rick and Morty were working as the roadrunner to Mr.President’s wile E coyote began beating him to the punch at every attempt possible to safeguard his country. A permanent ceasefire between Israel and Palestine had also been brokered by them, and luckily some alien pheromones let Potus take all the credit.

The plan initially was to give everything the president want in exchange for completely forgetting their existence. Unluckily, the negotiation not went smoothly, because he did not get agree to take the damn selfie and not to mention the deaths of the secret service agent.

Beth also has undergone one of her existential crises right after when summer informed that she has become another person after her divorce. Beth got convinced that she is the clone and now she is journeying through the cosmos to figure out herself and her phone-called became her paranoid that Rick is going to end it because she has found out the reality of herself.

Now Beth’s next destination was Jerry’s apartment – where her husband calmed her during the courtship and realized how lucky she had been loved by such a simple, honest and generous man. Beth ended up saying, “This isn’t the woman you married,” she told him, “because this woman loves you.”

The episode ended with the smith family – gathered around the table and Beth talking to her father. Things were somehow similar to season 1 but more streamlined and now jerry and Beth were happily married and the fact that I was motivated by the fear of you parting ways could be eschewed. The usage of the word “eschewed” convinced Summer that her mother is a clone.

Despite everything going back to the way it used to be, would Rick really stick to the reality? In many times, he told Morty

“Why would I stay in one where I trashed the White House, became an enemy of America and became the lowest-status character in my idiot family?”

But instead of leaving, he made president realized that he swamped various places with Fly Fishing Rick – proof that Rick was maturing, and it was indeed the biggest twist of the “Rick and Morty season 3”. The last scene of season 3 featured the return of Mr. Poopy Butthole.

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