Tom Ellis Net Worth, Wiki, Marriages, Affairs and Fun Facts

Tom Ellis Wiki

It is safe to assume that television is inviolable with actors like Tom Ellis leading successful shows. The singer turned actor gained a phenomenal appreciation for his role, Lucifer Morningstar; the show was first premiered on 25 January 2016 and later moved to Netflix. It has been said the show is being prepared for the … Read more

4 Tips on Hosting a TV Binge-Watching Party for Beginners

Did you know that the average adult American watches over 4 hours of TV daily? With countless streaming platforms available and new and exciting shows to watch, it’s no wonder TV binge-watching parties are a growing trend. These parties make for a fun twist on traditional get-togethers, and best of all, you and your friends … Read more

18 Best Movies On Disney Plus To Watch In 2020

Top 10 Hollywood movies to Stream on Disney+ in 2020

The holiday season is around the corner, and you might have been wondering about watching a classic holiday movie in the freezing nights of winter. Disney+ is a new platform for movie enthusiasts to watch classic and heart-warming movies. Fortunately enough, it ranges the movies for every genre, age, and gender. We have compiled a … Read more

Longmire Season 7: Satisfying End Promised

Longmire Season 7

After the conclusion of its last aired season, many fans thought that it won’t return to the screen as Longmire season 7. But the showbiz industry is full of surprises where every passing moment unfolds discoveries for fans. Season 6 of ‘Longmire’ was aired on November 17 and it was a great success as fans … Read more

Passage Season 2: Why the trailer of this ambitious medical thriller isn’t released

the passage season 2

  Fans need concrete clarification on whether passage season 2 will be returning or not. As per the latest report, it is highly unlikely for the show to get the next run. The show that followed ten-years Saniyya Sidney whose mother dies due to overdose medication, the storyline is so engaging that the audience could … Read more

Honey Boy Review: Cinematic Art of Forgiveness

Honey Boy

Stories, fables, and dreams are the only thing that’s going to live on, says James Lort in 2019 drama movie Honey Boy. It must have remembered you GoT dwarf who destroyed perfectly chances of Jon becoming king, though poor Snow had killed his love. Whatever it is, the reality is that wood rots, stones crumble, … Read more

The Bold and the Beauty: New Episodes Ready to Air

The Bold and the Beauty

Recently, it was confirmed that the eight actors form the classic are back to the set. This list didn’t include Jennifer Gareis as Donna Logan. Don Diamont as Bill Spencer and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester made their appearance to the modern set. The news about the return of the stars kept flowing. After … Read more

2020 BET Awards Virtual show Winners list

2020 BET Awards

Bet Awards is one of the most viewed award shows on cable television. It has an average of 7 million viewers. The 2020 BET Awards aired live in a virtual format on BET and simulcast on network CBS TV. Keeping in view the health concerns, it was decided to have virtual performances. With six nominations, … Read more

Contagion on Netflix: Stream Viral Thriller Now

Contagian on Netflix

When people are spending every minute of their life in their homes, they all are trying different things to win against boredom. Some are trying high motivational music. Some are busy with finding the real meaning in their life. Some have switched to the brand new Disney streaming service, Disney+ for classic and latest hits. … Read more