Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 is one of those shows that stand out due to their shortcomings. The show has officially taken by Netflix that gives an absurd amalgamation of high and low art and that can only suit teens. Sometimes it gets clingy yet the plot and character swing make you go along the ride. The teen drama manages to say a lot! Before you go into the depth of this article; let us inform you, the article contains spoilers alert for the show.

The teen drama holds great saying while at the same time manages to say nothing much. For instance, pointing out some social issues, cast suddenly divide into a song with a lot of more demons! Its indeed ludicrous but we loved it.

Talking about the last season where Sabrina realized that she is actually the daughter of a devil and Nicholas Scratch has sacrificed himself and turned into the vessel for Lucifer and steal himself off from Madam Sata who has become the queen of hell. In the first episodes, we witness that Sabrina is struggling to find out her reality and in the next episodes, she will be seen fighting against it and finally, she is embroiled and sit on the throne of Hell against Prince Caliban. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 is bizarre and fascinating and the Church of Night’s depraved traditions provided Sabrina with powers to fight back against it in the first two seasons.


One thing that has been observed that Sabrina seemingly jumps from plot point to another plot point with no significant care makes it look extremely unrealistic at some points, not to mention the premise of the show that sounds silly and makes no sense. With all the absurdness, Sabrina has also never succeeded in making one rational decision.

While talking about the chilling adventures of Sabrina season 3, it wastes no time getting stuck in and hones in on that amplifies the fun level yet make it so ridiculous at the same time. in short, we would love to watch Sabrina getting weirder and darker as we cant wait to see what the show has next to reveal.

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