Contagion on Netflix: Stream Viral Thriller Now

When people are spending every minute of their life in their homes, they all are trying different things to win against boredom. Some are trying high motivational music. Some are busy with finding the real meaning in their life. Some have switched to the brand new Disney streaming service, Disney+ for classic and latest hits.

This has made Netflix, the streaming giant, to update its library and even enlarge it. Netflix offers something a little spooky and fans love it. The Matt Damon and Kate Winslet starring Contagion on Netflix is a thriller released 10 years ago.

Contagion on Netflix

Contagion is a story of a team of scientists and medics who are running out of time. Actually the world is hit by an unknown disease and they have to figure it out how to win against it. The disease within no time spreads to a vast part and turns into a global pandemic and creates chaos amongst people in the United States. Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow star amongst others.

As Covid-19 has limited the world to homes and made self-quarantine, masks, and social distancing a part of the routine. Thriller movie enthusiasts are wondering how they can stream the 2011 release, Contagion on Netflix. The streaming platform offers Outbreak, 2012, and The Platform. Contagion is available on Netflix as well.

Contagion and Covid-19

The drama thriller is streaming on Netflix with subtitles. The official Netflix site has declared the movie Forceful and suspenseful.

Last thread, how close is this movie to the current situation of the Covid-19 struck world? For some fans and to some shots, this is uncomfortably close. Previously, Outbreak was the movie depicting an infectious disease.

Dr. Mark Smolinski, the medical adviser behind the thriller, said, “The science was awful.” He is now the president of a non-profit named Ending Pandemics.

After watching Contagion, some folks took the twitter. They shared connections between the movie and the situations of now. We left you with your imagination. The Contagion is available for streaming on Netflix. The movie is a perfect depiction of medicals and civilians’ efforts to fight a common threat.

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