Dark is the mysterious german series where people can travel to other times and dimensions. The show has two seasons as of now! The final and last Dark season 3 is about to hit the screen. Read on the article to know the more exclusive information about the show.  The IMDB rating of the show is 8.8 which means it ran quite well on Netflix. Therefore, Netflix has decided to bring up the other season of dark soon. If you are a passionate fan of the show and want to know more! Read out the exclusive guide.

What Hannah is up to after staying in 1954?

Hannah has gone to 1954 just for the Ulrich. As things have not gone as per plan and she has decided to prolong the stay and it is anticipated she may have an affair with Egon.

Release Date

The third season of the show is going to be the last. The final date has not been confirmed, however, we can expect; it can release anytime in summer 2020.


In the last two seasons, we can see many characters have still unsolved chapters. As discussed earlier, dark season 3 is going to be the last and we get to see who is going to be the latest Martha. Many characters have gone to another dimension or time. The most important thing is that Adam is not an actual Jonas and if it is true how come the original Jonas turns into Adam.

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What is the cast of Dark Season 3

Andreas Pietschmann As Middle-aged Jonas and Lea van Acken As Silja, Louis Hofmann As Young Jonas, Jordis Trouble As Katharina, Lisa Vicari As Young Martha, Mark Waschke As Old Noah.

Is there any trailer for Dark Season 3?

There has not been any official teaser of the dark season 3. However, a trilogy teaser can be watched On Youtube. The official teaser by Netflix has not yet been released. However, you should know that Netflix launches a teaser a month prior to the release of any show.

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