Different Ways to Host Corporate Events during COVID-19

For the past 1.5 years, the world has been in constant battle with COVID-19 which became prominent as a threat to humankind. People throughout the world have suffered heavy losses and many people who survived went into depression due to constant lockdowns. Governments around the world are still finding different ways to find a permanent solution for this global problem at hand. Since the beginning of this disease, people are in a state of panic as this outbreak has changed the lives of people around the world for good. 

When it comes to holding public gatherings especially for businesses, things have become a major challenge and people have to do a lot of adjusting to plans and venues as well. For many people and businesses, there are a few things that have changed forever and people have realized that social distancing is the only solution and keeping movement to a minimum can help decrease the chances of getting infected with the virus. 

During the COVID-19 outbreak, hosting meetings and different events requires some major adjustments on the planner’s end and for people who have the venue. Venues should provide users with safety protocols, technology as a solution for hosting meet and greet sessions and safety for food and beverages. 

There are so many public service messages aired on cable TV to help people understand the major things about COVID-19 and ways to stay safe. You can watch such commercials on channels that are part of the Spectrum TV Select channel lineup. Let’s have a closer look at the different aspects of hosting corporate events during the Coronavirus outbreak:

Interview Guests and Write Blogs

You can share testimonials encouraging others to adopt the same level of safety that you have adopted and use techniques from content marketing to add more visibility to your message. You can add up different microsites and tell a thing or two about your safety story direct to the planners 

Using Social Media to Share Noticeable Moments 

Different people on social media networks would love to know what hybrid events and other events of such nature are like. If your event was carried out using all the safety precautions and adhered to safety guidelines you can show them off and celebrate things with people around you. This could also be very helpful if you want to become a helping hand in the pandemic recovery.

Event Venues Should Communicate Safety and Health Protocols 

The venue has to have a cleaning protocol on the alert and many people who book the venue and look out for some efficient cleaning staff. So make sure that your venue should be evidence of safety and hygiene at all times. Also, you should always commit to safety and also convey the message of cleanliness throughout the venue. If you are a hotel, make sure safety protocols are spread out far and wide 

Benefit From Digital Training and Tools to Make Meetings and Events Safe

The availability of the vaccine and time will be very helpful to make the recovery timeline even more clear for your guests and hosts as well. You can get in touch with different suppliers and ensure more safe meetings and events. You can use digital diagrams to show realistic showroom configurations. Also, you have to set innovative and unique ways to encourage your guests to practice safety and hygiene at all times while they are part of the event. 

Use Mobile Apps to Interact With Staff/Guests

To minimize the evident risk at different levels different hotels look forward to minimizing the risk at guest connection points and here mobile applications and devices play a very key role. You can use them to manage guests, manage space, get a security check, collect data about the money your guests are spending on food and other refreshments, checking in, checking out, different meal preferences, call housekeeping and other services. You can also check out a guest’s status on the loyalty program and cards for users  

Digital Customer Engagement and Managing Seating

The COVID-19 outbreak has compelled people to make changes to the ways they interact with each other. Using different digital tools can help guests and hosts to ensure safety and help them improve their service levels as well. All it needs is a little creativity and smart use of technology to ensure the safety of the guests and add more innovation to your meeting and event. 

Technology has always been man’s best friend and to make sure that you keep your guests and attendees safe different devices and apps are available. You can be creative enough to use these gadgets and digital safety measure at your venue and avoid the risk of the spread of the COVID-19.

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