Disney’s premier theme park Walt Disney World has been reopened after months of closure due to the pandemic. As the world’s largest and most-loved theme park announced its opening, the people in Florida and from all over the world showed mixed reactions.

Disney World Reopening Condemned by Social media Users

While some of the fans of the theme park appreciated the action, some took social media condemning the action of reopening Walt Disney World, Florida. Those few who appreciated the reopening said it is much needed to offer and healthy recreation to the coronavirus struck the world.

On the other hand, most of the people on different social media sites criticize the decision to resume theme parks operations, calling it premature and risky.

Florida has faced the threat for months and the numbers have raised to 250,000 total cases of confirmed coronavirus cases. During the last three days, 300 deaths were recorded with 11,000 new cases reported on today’s park reopening day.

Social Media highlights major concerns about Social distancing inside Walt Disney World Florida

One of the Disney world enthusiasts said, “I love Disney World SO MUCH but man it should NOT be open right now” with a confused emoji.

Disney World had entirely been closed for nearly four months, follows the May reopening of Shanghai Disneyland with safety precautions and strict social distancing rules.

One of the ultimate requirements mentioned in SOPs is social distancing. It has been reported that social distancing guidelines quickly fell apart when visitors entered the park.

People visiting Disney World Florida took to twitter to raise their concerns. One major concern was not complying with social distancing inside the park. A twitter user compared socially-distancing cast members photo issued by Disney World before the opening and a photo from inside Disney World today.

Welcome Back Walt Disney World

The cheery “Welcome Back” videos Disney put out ahead of its world resort’s reopening faced massive criticism. Social media users are taking it easy.

A video remixed with the opening theme from the horror classic The Shining and eerie music; reimaged Disney’s reopening as a sign of a dystopian present.

Disney World reopened and company spent a considerable amount on protective gears

With Corovirus cases raising every day, Disney declined to say how much it spent to retrofit the resort for the coronavirus age. Even if Disney has not shared, the cost it spends on PPE must be considerable.

Walt Disney World Florida has added 4,000 hand-sanitizing stations, set up restaurants for mobile ordering, and installed plexiglass partitions everywhere, including inside the queuing areas of rides.

The wake of negative reports and criticism wrapped up by the company with A barrage of happy posts arrived by visitors. The freshly painted Cinderella’s Castle became one of the major attractions for the visitors.