Ed Henry fired from Fox News following a complaint received to the network last week of sexual harassment from years ago.

In an Email written to employees, Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace said that a complaint willful sexual misconduct in a workplace has been received against Ed Henry.

Ed Henry fired from Fox News Network

Ed Henry is one of the best anchors of Fox News. Following the allegations made by a former employee, the network has fired Ed Henry. The complaint was received on 25th June, from a former employee’s attorney.

Scott and Wallace wrote in Email that Ed Henry was fired the same day and “removed from his on-air responsibilities”. Further to make clear and precise investigation, a third party third-party law firm investigated the matter.

While Ed Henry has been fired from Fox News, his show will continue with ‘rotating anchors’ who was co-anchor of the channel’s morning show.

Scott and Wallace showed their determination to strive for making the network “a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees.” Fox News fired Ed Henry for a complaint of willful sexual misconduct.

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Fox News has clarified their intentions that they “prohibits all forms of sexual harassment, misconduct, and discrimination”. News of Henry termination over an email stunned Fox News employees.

Ed Henry intends to clear his name

To date, there has been no statement from Ed Henry as he did not respond to requests for comment over the allegation. But his attorney Catherine Foti has said Henry intends to clear his name.

Foti said Henry is confident that “he will be vindicated after a full hearing in an appropriate forum”. She also added that he has denied allegations referenced Fox News statement.

Who is representing the accuser?

Douglas Wigdor is representing Henry’s accuser. He has represented several women employees of Fox News who have filed lawsuits against the network. When asked for details, Wigdor said he wasn’t “at liberty to share further information.”

Ed Henry Worked for CNN

Ed Henry is one of the successful and brilliant anchors of Fox News. Henry joined Fox in 2011. He worked with CNN for seven years before joining Fox news. From the Obama administration to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Henry remained one of the most aired faces of Fox News.

following a tabloid magazine’s report about an extramarital affair, Henry was sidelined in 2016. Network’s CEO at the time – Roger Ailes – rebuked him publicly. With his sincere efforts, Henry managed to win his good name in fox.

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