With this initial report, fans had started guessing the release date, cast, and plot of the Elder Scroll 6. This all relates to the future of the series. From a statement of years ago to till today, nothing new and updated has been given. But who dares to stop fans to guess.

As far as the future of show is concerned, it has been confirmed that there will be another season. After answering the question about Elder Scroll 6, its time to move on to remaining details like cast, expected release date, and plot.

Here you will catch all the latest details and updates on Elder Scroll 6

Release Date: When will Elder Scroll 6 happen?

It might not be appreciated if you are a diehard fan of the show, there is no confirm release date yet. Another thing is to add here that we have to wait a bit long to catch Elder Scroll 6. Though, it seems to take more time to happen, the good news is it will happen.

As Bethesda has confirmed the game during E3 2018 conference, only the logo is out till today. Revealing some details about the show, Todd Howard said that the kind of thing [we] are talking gonna take a lot of people.

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The company’s next big IP Starfield is said to be released before the game. In other words, the game will be aired after Starfield and we are still waiting for it. At the time of writing, it is the latest update. We will keep you posted as any confirmation comes.

Elder Scroll 6: What will it feature?

Rumors has it that Bethesda Game Studios is already working to quickly wrap up Starfield so that they can start working on Elder Scroll 6. Take a deep breath and try not to hold your breath for the game. Because, right now Starfield is the focus, Elder Scroll will be delayed. As far as the addition of latest feature, we are hopeful that house building or town creation will be added to the game. Along with house building or town creation, a whole new story is also an expectation. As Todd says, “tell a better story in an open world.”  He said “each of our games we’ve had successes and failures and if you ask us internally, we have new ideas that we want to explore in the future because we feel like we haven’t really cracked it yet the way we think it could be.”

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