This television series is written, produced and directed by Sam Levinson. The story of Euphoria is Sam Levinson’s life experiences. Before Season 1 even finished, HBO got Euphoria for a second season in mid-July 2019.Season 1 disclosed in summer 2019, yet it would appear that Euphoria Season 2 may be following different schedules and coming a little later than mid-year 2020.At this moment, it’s difficult to state when the show will be back on television.

Season 2 episodes are not announced yet but when we see season 1 so it has eight-episode so people think that season 2 will have eight episodes as well.

Who in the cast is returning for Season 2?

Since Zendaya drives the give a role as Rue and her portrayal guides watchers through the lives of her classmates, you can say that she’ll unquestionably be back for Season 2. Also, the star took to Twitter to share how grateful she was by the updates on the series being affirmed for a season 2, so think about that as guaranteed.

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Any new characters Prediction in Euphoria Season 2?

In mid-2020, the series makes auditions of a lot of new characters. But it is not disclosed yet that who will perform what character. However here’s we see what people are expecting, which gives us a little understanding that what will come in this season.

“Darian: Male. 18+ to play 17. Defenseless. Evil Could battle with habit. Not a cool child but always fascinates the children. “Beam: Male. 18+ to play 17. He is so alluring in a genuine manner. “Ami: Female. 18-20s. Stripper, always on drugs and hates her boyfriend. She can make a good situation worse.

What will occur in Euphoria season 2?

There are additionally a lot of story curves Nate’s sexuality, Cassie and McKay’s relationship, Gia’s developing rebelliousness, Kat and Ethan’s future together and whether Kat is as yet filling in as a camgirl, and what happened to Jules after Rue left her on the train that hasn’t been adjusted at this point. Season 2 could likewise investigate the tales of a portion of the lesser-seen characters like Lexi, BB, and Ashtray.

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