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Are you looking to extend the variety of shoes that are in your rotation? Do you want to ensure that the next pair of shoes you buy will grab the attention of everyone you walk past? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about the Nike Air Foamposite model.

Foamposites have been around since the 90s when one of Nike’s top athletes, Penny Hardaway, was rocking them on the NBA basketball court. But what are they really?

See below for an in-depth guide that lists everything you should know about the Nike Air Foamposite model, what they are, why they’re so expensive, etc.

What is Nike Air Foamposite?

Back in the 90s, Nike basketball shoes reigned supreme. They were controlling the shoe game thanks to Michael Jordan alone.

However, being the expedition that they are, Phil Knight and the Swoosh gang decided to explore other attractive features to implement into their basketball shoes.

One such feature was the AIR technology they started to infuse into Jordan shoes. The breakthrough revolutionized the basketball shoe industry and sent athletes running to the nearest shoe store to grab a pair of the latest model.

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While trying to look for the next innovation, Nike’s engineering group discovered the Foamposite technology, which was first rolled out in the late 90s. The idea being that the Foamposite technology would give your shoe the same feel as putting a surgeon’s glove on your hand.

The entire Foamposite technology is based on a polyurethane liquid that’s heated up and designed to stick on the shoe.

The coolest part of it all? They had a breakthrough after uniting with, of all companies, Daewoo. Daewoo is a car manufacturing company based out of Korea. They helped Nike engineers create the consistent process for creating the Foamposite material and achieving the desired glove-like effect.

Why Are Foamposites So Expensive?

For those of you that have had a previous interest in purchasing a pair of Nike Foamposites, you may have been taken back by their price. Their price ranges the span of several hundred dollars depending on factors like technology, design, colorway, and whether or not it’s a retro model.

Those prices beg the question, “Why are Foamposites so expensive?” Is there really a high demand for these shoes? If that’s the case, why don’t you see them more often while you’re out in public? Patience, young shoe fanatic. All your questions will be answered.

There are a few factors that contribute to the price of Foamposites. First, there’s the manufacturing process, which is no small feat (and why it took years for them to originally create).

To create the shoe, the polyurethane liquid (what Foamposite is made of) has to be poured into a mold for the Foamposite shoe model. Apparently, Nike has come out and said those molds typically cost around $750,000.

Once it’s constructed, there’s a lengthy process (which we won’t bore you with) to get the Foamposite to fit the midsole properly.

Another factor that contributes to the price is demand vs quantity. Nike only ever produces a select number of Foamposites, so once they’re off Nike’s shelves, the price skyrockets.

Why You Should Purchase a Pair of Foamposites

Now that you understand what Nike Foamposites are and why they’re so expensive, let’s dive into all the reasons you should buy a pair. See below for more information.

Variety of Styles

With such a unique and niche design, you might think that Nike would run out of ways to create unique Foamposite models… but you’d be wrong.

The Nike Foamposite has several different models and colorways for you to choose from. They also do a great job of mixing up materials to give a new look.

We’re partial to the Air Foamposite models, which offer a variety of designs. They come in every color imaginable, all of which maintain an athletic look.


Nike Foamposites have developed such as strong cult following that they’re mainly seen as a lifestyle shoe these days. However, the Nike Air Foamposite brand is entirely capable of being used on the court.

Try it out for yourself! Invest in a pair for the court, then a pair for your streetwear outfits. You’ll find that they give you a stylish and comfortable experience every time.

Some athletes prefer the Foamposite shoes because of their glove-like fit. Paired with their high-top design, the shoe can provide more stability for your ankles. They also have a tough look that will make your teammates jealous.

Awesome Collabs

For those of you that primarily want a pair for your lifestyle and streetwear outfits, you should pay attention to their special releases.

In typical Nike fashion, the Air Foamposite One model is getting frequently getting collabs with other organizations and brands that want a seat at the table. For example, Nike recently collaborated with Commes Des Garcons for the CDG Nike Air Foamposite One.

Believe it or not, collabs like this offer aesthetics that are even more individualistic than the typical Foamposite One colorways. Be sure to snag yourself a pair if you find them on SNKRS or anywhere else you shop for kicks.

Add the Nike Air Foamposite to Your Collection

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the Nike Air Foamposite model, what it is, and why you need a pair, be sure to find a trusted online store to shop at.

Take the time to browse our website for more articles on the Nike Air Foamposite Pro and many other shoe brands that you will love learning more about.