Lindsay Lohan may have not gained much attention with her acting but she seems to know the art of remaining in the news. Previously, Rumors about her dating Saudi Crown Prince Salman flooded the internet. From dating one person to ending up in a controversy, and even her social media accounts is no ordinary talent for her.

With her ocean-deep eyes and flaming hairs, the star has a history from a teenybopper pop star to a Russian tycoon to one of the best-known women in the DJ world.

Catch Lindsay Lohan’s romance with her current boyfriend and all the latest updates here.

Mohammad bin Salman (2019)          

Still, confirmations required solidifying the news but it seems something is cooking. Though a famous online magazine claimed that a source in actress circle told them they know each other but something is happening, but Salman’s rep that the pair met just once at a Formula One Grand Prix race.

Whispers murmuring around, the Prince who had been allegedly accused of ordering the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggiis spending sums on presents to the actress. This 2019 rumor is still searching for reality.

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EgorTarabasov (2016)                                                

In 2016, TMZ reported that the 33-year-old actress Lohan and Russian businessman and heir to a business empire EgorTarabasov experienced a relationship that was no less than toxic.

The couple was deeply in love as they flew together, spent holidays in New York, and showered romance. To make the bond stronger, Tarabasov got approval from Lohan’s mom Dina and they were enthusiastically engaged.

Then all of a sudden happened, what happens the most. The claims of abuse, pregnancy, and cheating made the couple split in August 2016.

NicoTortorella (2013-2015)

Several reports confirm the young NicaTortorella and Lohan were dating way back in 2013. The official status for this relationship remained something an enigma but Lohan’s infamous 2014 sex list includes Tortorella. This is enough to concrete the claim they indulge in a relationship.

As their relationship has never become official, so does their breakup. Though they remained friends, Reports suggest that they split in 2015. To make their friendship official Lohan said, “NicoTortorella and I were friends for a long time.”

As of now, Tortorella is now married to Bethany C. Meyers. 

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