The idea of beauty has always been a debatable topic for several years now. Are we supporting the stereotypical beauty by wearing make-up, even though we enjoy wearing it every day? Wearing makeup is always associated with femininity, but the question is makeup gender-biased? Huda beauty foundation has taken a step towards making makeup gender-neutral. Makeup is for everyone who enjoys it and feels confident after wearing it. A lot of men face harsh criticism, on a daily basis for their choice of wearing makeup. Their masculinity is always brought into question every single day when they try to do something they love. Huda Beauty as a brand questions the notion of makeup being gender-biased. With their range of makeup, they have questioned isn’t beauty for everybody? These are a few benefits of the new Huda Beauty foundation:

  • Gender Sensitivity: Huda beauty foundation has used a neutral color to brand himself and the packaging speaks the same language. The decision of using black, neutral color to brand the product in itself speaks that Huda beauty as a brand is gender-sensitive. They do not create products just for women but also encourage men to use their products without questioning their masculinity. The font used on the packaging is also neutral thus does not specify user persona in their branding. It is a brand that believes that makeup is for everyone who enjoys it, thus gender should not remain a barrier in it.
  • Anti-racism: Huda Beauty Foundation has created a variety of foundations benefiting people of different skin tones. This not only makes the people of different skin tones feel confident in their skin but also removes the notion of white being superior or any stereotypical idea of beauty. They make people feel unique and confident in their skin. 
  • Protects from pollution: Applying a layer ofHuda Beauty Foundation on your face not only makes your skin radiant but also has some skin benefits. In this age where our planet is covered in layers of pollution, a layer of Huda beauty foundation can protect your skin from harmful pollutants out there in the atmosphere. It makes the size of the pores smaller, thus the harmful pollutants will not remain on the skin resulting in more radiant, healthy, and flawless skin. 
  • Multipurpose: Huda Beauty Foundationbenefits its users with its multipurpose properties. It is not just a foundation but also a moisturizer, a sunscreen, and also acts as a base for several complex makeup routines. It is not just for the face but also can be applied to the body. This product eliminates the use of several products, thus we end up saving money and is also quite handy plus pocket friendly. 


It is interesting how these features that seem so basic can make such a huge difference. We as consumers should support the brands like Huda Beauty who are trying to make a change, as this will be a wise choice from our part as a consumer.