Get your home windows ready for the next Halloween with fascinating and fearsome window clings

Everyone wants to turn their abode into a haunted setting during Halloween. The best way to do it is to make the best window decorations. Window decals and clings could play a pivotal role in giving thrills and chills to your neighborhood. From cobwebs and goblins to bats and ghouls adorning your glass windows, it’s time to roll the dice. 

  • The bats and chandelier window decoration are simply unbeatable. A standard set comes with a creepy chandelier, 12 bats and a lace mantel scarf as add-on. 
  • There are fascinating Halloween motifs for window décor. There are more than 150 pieces to make wonderful window stickers.
  • The Glow-In-the-Dark eyes window cling is very special. They are so much fun that you can resist keeping them on the windows even when it’s morning. 
  • The crawly and creepy window clings décor is also popular. A set contains 50-70 creepy crawlies, which include spiders and bats.
  • The skeleton window stickers are too irresistible. One scary set contains 70 pieces of skeletons that are sure to scare the hell out of everybody.
  • Innovative window clings like the Glowing Smiles takes creepiness into another level. 
  • Don’t forget the Flying witches and bats combo. They are unmissable. 

Redefining Halloween spirit

Redefining Halloween spirit
Redefining Halloween spirit

From bloody handprints and bats to giant spiders and friendly ghosts, you can find some of the funniest, creepiest, and coolest window clings to make your Halloween special. You can get them all under a tight budget because most of the products are within $20.

  • The luminous and peeping eyes stickers are fantastic. Costing $10.99, these stickers can make you think as if someone is watching you. They are both cute and creepy. 
  • Your window posters can have shady spiders. Costing $20, these posters have adhesives on both sides and are removable. You can easily stick them inside your window frame. 
  • The cat eyes window poster is creepy enough to scare anybody passing by your house. The giant cat eyes stare at people and it’s impossible to not look at them. 
  • It’s easy to cut the posters for accommodating them into the windows. The translucent posters create a backlit tinge to exude more creepiness,
  • The vinyl witch window cling is the epitome of spookiness. Featuring a 3D moon, it makes you wonder what the mysterious witch is actually up to.

Halloween crafts at home

It’s always a great idea to engage your kids in making window clings. The little ghouls will have a great time in making their bats and witch collections.

Children love window clings. You can enhance their project by supplying them with dimensional fabric paint. They are slick. You need a Freezer Paper from Reynold’s or a Blue Box. Don’t substitute this part. You can take print outs of computer images as well.

Tape down your printout, preventing it from sliding beneath the freezer paper. Lay the freezer paper over the computer printouts. Outline the image with your favorite color. Fill the space with a dominant color. 

Make sure you’re not skimping on the paint. They must be thick enough to use them on the windows, mirrors, and freezer paper.