Android has become the most loved and trusted operating system for smartphones worldwide. 8th July marks the release of Android 11’s second public beta. The latest version Android beta 11 released yesterday, making Google announce that it has achieved a new “Platform Stability” milestone. Achieving milestone Platform stability suggests that there will be little changes or no changes between now and the final release. Moreover, the operating system hasn’t announced any new user features as part of its latest beta.

With the release of Android beta 11, everyone is looking for explanations about Platform Stability which Google has achieved. This simply stands for that developers can focus on the final Android operating system, without worrying about the platform changes. The official release time for Android beta 11 of Google highlights company plans for one more beta version next month. The recent presentation of Google says the final release could be landing on September 8th.

Google Android beta 11 has been officially announced and released and it is available for Pixel 2, 3, 3A, and 4. You can download it online. Android beta 11 comes with new conversation notifications, chat bubbles, and improved media controls. Check out details below

What to expect from Android beta 11?

Android 11 is marching towards a final release this year and the July 8th release has played a significant role. Google has announced that Platform Stability has been achieved. This suggests little or even no changes will be made in the final release as far as the platform is concerned.

The Third-quarter of this year is the timeline set by Google for the Android 11 final release. The new Android beta 11 is available for Google Pixel phones. Some other Android phones allow the installation of Android beta 11 as well. For instance, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro of OnePlus lets you install the updates. Oppo and Xiaomi have also extended compatibility to a few of their phones.

The beta 11 follows four developer previews and the first appeared in Feb. The purpose of these releases is to test the system. App makers and other developers test the system for its efficiency. However, it is not something consumers will want to install on their everyday phone.

New and Improved Features

Android beta 11 appears from the quartet of developer previews. Google has focused largely on people, controls, privacy in its previous Android systems. For the latest beta 11, it means dedicated messaging, one-time permission, bubbles, do not disturb and notification tweaks, new power button menu, and many more.

Messages from all apps, including Google’s messages, Facebook and any other app, will appear in their own section at the top of the notification shade just below Quick Settings. A long press of the conversation notification will allow you to set it as a priority.

Android beta 11 includes a greater emphasis on chat bubbles. Facebook Messenger users have a pretty good idea about this feature. Android beta 11 released various improved features.

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