Greek squad is a subsidiary of American multinational consumer electronics “Best Buy” and offers on-site and remote service with 24 hours online support. Greek squad pricing varies based upon the type of product you need help with. The best way is obviously to hit a message to any of their representatives and find out the exact pricing. The various packages listed on the company’s site are economical and do not make a big dent to any tech tech-enthusiasts’ pocket.  The Greek squad initially started working for computer-related devices but later expanded and started dealing with all consumer electronics and appliances. Read a candid review about the company and its offering.

What is Greek squad pricing?

Greek squad pricing range between $39-$329 and $24.99-$49.99 per user per month a service plan, overall the services are cheaper and worth availing. Each user can have different devices and get them checked for software installation; computer repair and other tech-related support. The best part is services are reliable enough and you won’t regret it later.

One time online support is considered to be the least expensive option and give good value to the money. And people looking for long term services can find Greek Squad the best.  If you need in-frequent tech support than the other service providers can be significantly cheaper since Greek squad services are mainly for small businesses that require frequent on-site support from a nationwide company.

Geek Squad Price Chart: Per-Service

PC Setup $99.99
Printer setting $39.99
PC repair $39.99
Any OS Installation $99.99
Virus  Removal $149.99
Diagnostic & Repair $99.99
Firewall Support $259.99
Server Administration $299.99
Server Diagnostics and Repair $299.99
VPN Support $329.99

The support experience 

The support experience is great as you can instantly be contacted with the representative either by a phone call or the company’s website. The best way is to go ahead and call the toll free number where a voice-recognition system will let you know what kind of product you need help with. The company basically possesses two tech levels – one that mainly deals with analysis while the other performs high tech repair. You can also resolve issues related to CPU or disk usage by disabling Superfetch.

How much Greek squad charge for fixing a computer?

You can repair mobile, laptop computer or any consumer electronics or appliances from Greek squad no matter where you bought it from. If you are having total tech support, you can repair even large TVs and home appliances. The average cost is $65 per hour. The overall pricing can vary depending upon the location and ZIP code. Simply, hiring a technician to put your system back on running will charge you $50-$150.

Backstage information about the Greek squad company

There are some confessions that a Greek squad has made and you may want to know it before making a final purchasing.

  • Many employees of the Greek squad lack high troubleshooting skills and can’t correctly identify malfunctioning components.
  • The company prefers to hire those who have the right expertise in selling the products; putting aside tech-related knowledge.  
  • Employees are trained for situational tactics to extract the maximum amount of money from one potential customer.

Bottom line

Greek squad is the best company mainly known for exceptionally great tech-support. Its $9.99 plan is also the best and most competitive. Greek squad is not just the most polished computer online help service but also offer efficient in-home and repair services. The technicians ensure to provide the best services and do not become so pushy for purchasing the additional products.

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