The Greyhound actor Tom Hanks is one of those celebrities who won their battle against novel coronavirus. He shared his harrowing battle in a recent interview with The Late Show host Stephen Colbert. The actor is busy with greyhound promotions these days. During a show where he was promoting the navy movie, the Captain opened up about his struggle with Covid-19.

Tom Hanks and wife actor and singer Rita Wilson were one of the first celebrities contracted with Covid-19. The couple was busy shooting the film Tom is now promoting, in Australia.

The Forest Gump actor told Colbert that infection came as a surprise because they ‘had no idea how it could have happened’ and ‘where it could have happened’. He revealed that first Rita had a headache and ‘a higher fever’.

He also told that ‘other than a headache’ his wife actor Rita ‘had horrible nausea’. Due to such conditions, Rita lost her sense of ‘taste and smell’ while Tom kept his.  A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood actor, Tom Hanks had different symptoms. He told that his ‘bones that felt like they were made out of soda crackers’.  Adding more details, Tom said that when he ‘moved around it felt like something was cracking inside’ of him.

Least we can do: Wear a mask, exercise social distancing, and wash hands

Tom is busy promoting his latest movie Greyhound, which is also written for the screen by him. He was diagnosed with Covid-19 when he and his wife were in Australia shooting the film. He recounts his ordeal and reveals that his bones were like crackers.

One of the most popular and recognized films starts of the world, Tom Hanks revealed that wearing a mask is the least we can do to prevent the disease. According to the details shared by 64-year-old Tom, he and Rita suffered from the same disease but in a different way. Where the disease made his bones feel like ‘soda crackers’, Rita had a headache with ‘horrible nausea’.

Tom Hanks says, “Shame on you” who ignore precautionary measures

Sharing his coronavirus ordeal, Tom Hanks asserted on the need of wearing masks and social distancing. He said social distancing and masks are the two basic defense lines we all have. He was tested positive with Covid-19 in March this year. Now, he and his wife are enjoying a healthy life. He urged fans and followers to wear masks and exercise social distancing.

He said there are only 3 things we can do, “Wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands.” The actor and filmmaker said,  “Shame on you” to those who do not exercise social distancing and wearing masks.