With the pack up of Hanna Season 1, questions about its renewal have flooded the internet. When will Hanna season 2 release, what will be the storyline and how many episodes are there, are the frequently asked questions. It is visible from various loops of season 1 another season is inevitable but without any confirmation, all we have is fan-based assumptions.

A Quick View at Storyline

Esme Creed-Miles plays the title role in Hanna season 1 where her father’s role, one of the crucial roles, Erik Heller is played by Joel Kinnaman. The story revolves around Hanna – who is born to be a genetically enhanced super-soldier as part of the CIA’s Utrax program. The super-soldier from the very time of her birth lost the affection of her mother as Erik stole Baby Hanna and hid her in the Romanian forest.

After 15 years of various training and battle tactics learning, Erik tries to give Hanna a life which she deserves. This idea of placing Hanna to a new life leads them both to Marissa and other agents of the CIA led by Jerome Sawyer (Khalid Abdalla).

Hanna Season 2 Release Date: When to expect the super soldier?

For all the fans of Hanna and to all who loved to watch supernatural shows, Hanna season 2 was confirmed with the release of season 1. Just like many other Amazon shows, Hanna was renewed without any delay or controversy.

Amazon has planned to release Hanna Season 2 in 2020 and there is no exact date given. With the world facing global health threat, it is obvious to experience a little delay.

Hanna Season 2 Cast: Who will join Super Soldier on the small screen?

Initially, in September 2019 five cast members were confirmed by the creator. Dermot Mulroney – set to play John Carmichael, a former mentor of Marissa’s who will take over her antagonistic role toward Hanna –  is one among these. Terri Miller, a CIA officer joining the Utrax program will be played by CherelleSkeete.

Last but not the least, Severine Howell-Meri and GiannaKiehl will also join the cast of Hanna Season 2.

Hanna Season 2: What to expect?

The plot for Hanna Season 2 has a lot of options. Season 1 has left various loops in the storyline for another season. Just like the movie, Erik died, in the end, leaving Hanna which is an orphan now. Now, this super-soldier has to rely on the 15 years’ learning.

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