Honey Boy Review: Cinematic Art of Forgiveness


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Stories, fables, and dreams are the only thing that’s going to live on, says James Lort in 2019 drama movie Honey Boy. It must have remembered you GoT dwarf who destroyed perfectly chances of Jon becoming king, though poor Snow had killed his love. Whatever it is, the reality is that wood rots, stones crumble, people die. Spoilers follow, be watchful!

Honey Boy is The story of an addict and a registered sex offender, James. James has a 12-year-old child, Otis. Where James is an addict largely spending on drugs, Otis being a child is an actor on a successful TV show.

Honey Boy: The Quest for Immortality

The major theme is a quest for immortality. All the people die, wood rots and no one cares. But when a famous personality and a popular figure leaves this world, he becomes immortal. Because of his works, achievements, and successes, people remember him.

But this is not the case with all of them. Some are utter failures while some are average. There is a hack people used to have, living at another’s name. James thinks the same way. He believes the stories of his famous son will make him immortal.

Honey Boy: An autobiographical tale

If someone wants a one-line Honey Boy review, it can be said an autobiographical tale that has the queasy qualities of a Catholic confession. Actor Shia LaBeouf penned it as a therapy exercise. It is also a part of the actor’s rehabilitation program.

The drama movie unfolds the story in a palpable discomfort. The story goes on different levels of relationship between an addict father and a growing young child. the abusive relationship between Otis and his father is probably the best performance of LaBeouf’s career. Honey Boy is no doubt a perfect cinematic act of forgiveness, a deep depth reality, and a soulful experience.

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To many, the 2019 drama film is a boi-pic. But I would argue that LaBeouf has rightly described it as a meta act of exorcism.

The life story was written in Script form, the only way of writing LaBeouf knew

Honey Boy was premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. On this occasion, LaBeouf told that he hadn’t met his father in around seven years before starting work on the film. He said they “are talking now”. Sharing his journey towards the movie, Labeouf said he wrote his story in ‘script form’ because he knew no other writing.

This statement got its proof from the movie. When you watch Honey Boy, you can point out that young Otis never goes to school. His living is surrounded by drugs and decrepitude. This does not end yet. Otis had his first cigarette offered by James. And then it started happening. A chain has started as James has grown the marijuana himself.

Honey Boy jumps back and forth between two timelines; 1995 and 2005. The former depicts James and Otis trapped together in that shady motel. The latter portrays Otis, now a famous star has been sent to rehab after his latest alcohol-related mishap.