Fans had been waiting eagerly for the Anne With An E season 3 to be available on the US and other countries ever since the news swirled regarding the season to be the conclusion of the whole series. People who had access and watched Anna with An E season 3 loved it but had too many questions in mind regarding ka’kwet storyline and Anne’s Queen life and Shirbert develop. Netflix has launched the 3rd season but it is less likely that it will decide to renew it for the fourth season.

Review of Anna with an E season 3

Fans seem excited about how the things wrapped up in the Anna with an E season 3. But they are hoping for another installment of the show. The episodes of the series began with Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann), continued with Winifred (Ashleigh Stewart) and came to an end with Anne (Amybeth McNulty). For any fan of the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ season, 3 gave the perfect ending to the series. We felt emotion through each of the episodes when Gilbert wrote a note for Anne and she tore it up angrily without even reading the content and especially when they were running towards each other revealed their heart desires to another. The best part was when Anne came to know that she has loving parents that adored each other and show looks exactly her mother.

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Anne-Gilbert satisfying ending left many questions unanswered for Ka’kwet

Anne Gilbert’s story has undoubtedly given a satisfying end for fans out there. One thing that has not likes the audience is that they are unable to find out what happens to Ka’kwet. How and when her parents will save her? Will Anne come back upon realizing that her friend is being held a hostage? Most importantly, the season should be renewed to answer all the questions regarding Ka’kwet. For now, all the episodes of Anne-Gilbert are available to watch on Netflix.

Since Amybeth McNulty captured the spirit of Anne amazingly and fans don’t wish the season to come to an end: fans can request for the renewal of season 4.

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