Stephanie Niznik was a renowned American actress mostly known for her ever-green role on Everwood as Nina Feeney. The actress died after a prolonged fight with chronic liver disease in Encino, Los Angeles. The loss is irreplaceable as she was a devoted actress and managed to entertain the audience with her impeccable performance. We pray she rest in peace. The manner of death was natural and was caused by chronic alcohol use. The actress had appeared in several television shows, theatres, and movies. Read on to know more about the legendary actress, her iconic roles, family and disease.

Education and Career

Stephanie Niznik was born on May 20, 1967, and died on June 23, 2019. Her age at the time of death was 52. She got her initial education from e John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor, Maine and graduated from magma cum laude with degrees in theatre and Russian language at Duke University. She was a beautiful and tall girl approximately 5 feet and 11 inches (1.8 m)

Apart from her role in Everwood, her roles include in different shows including medicine woman, soldiers, Jag, Frasier, profiler, Dr.Quinn. She was not just a part of iconic 19s movies but managed to mesmerize the audience with her performance in “life is wild” and “vanishing son”. She also appeared in different movies “Exit to Eden” and Star Trek: Insurrection – a 19s fiction film directed by Jonathan Scott Frakes. It was the highest-grossing movie on the opening week and managed to make $22.1m.

Interesting Facts about the actress

  • The actress purposely ended her career in 2009.
  • Stephanie Niznik wanted to be a geneticist, however, she later skipped it and pursued her career in acting.
  • She survived through her mom, sibling, friends and 2 dogs.
  • She emerged as the co-founder of Four Winds Heart-Centered Healing in 2008.
  • The actress had relation in the past but never a marriage commitment with anyone.
  • Stephanie Niznik had a six-year-long relationship with Richard Grieco.
  • The main cause of her death has not come in the news headline yet.

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