Amazon is one of the largest shopping hubs in the world. The site was initially known for the widely available books that later expanded to sell furniture, apparel, electronics, and music equipment. If you are Amazon and Paypal user, you might be wondering whether you can use Paypal on Amazon or not. Technically, you can, but it requires certain tips and tricks that are outlined below. The process of using a PayPal with amazon is atleast two-step process that requires some patience.

How to use Paypal on Amazon?

Some methods allow you to use Paypal for the purchase on Amazon. The procedure like Paypal cash card, Paypal business debit card, Amazon Debit card: These are legitimate and safe and let you be back on shopping in no time.

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Amazon gift cards

Never victimize yourself from fake and suspicious sellers that claim to do but not sell the safe amazon gift cards. The process is straightforward; all you have to do is to purchase some gift cards from the official websites that sell amazon gift cards and accept Paypal as payment.

Once you buy the gift card, the next step is to use it for the purchase, and two ways let you use amazon gift card; Amazon gift card balance. The second one is through checkout.

Amazon gift card balance

Once you have purchased a gift card using your PayPal as a payment method, the next important thing is to utilize it to purchase on Amazon. Follow some easy steps to get started:

  • Log in to Amazon account
  • Click on your account and press on the gift cards button.
  • Click on redeem a gift card button
  • Use the claim button on the back of the card.

Via checkout

If you find the above mentioned method a complicated and a fuss, then there is a simple alternative, and that is to do it via the checkout. Follow the below steps to get started

  • Select the product you want to purchase from Amazon.
  • Click on the product to see the overview of your desired product.
  • Hit on ‘add to cart button,’ and on the next step, click on the proceed to checkout button.
  • Now, you will be landed on the sign-in page, just put the required detail, or you can use it as getting a sign in your email.
  • Sign in and click on the deliver to this address, and out your delivery address.
  • On the next option, click the delivery option and select the continue button. Now, this is the part where you can select the various payment methods, choose the gift card or promotional code to proceed further.

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Use Paypal on amazon via credit cards

The methods of using PayPal on amazon has a more legitimate method in a row, and that is via credit card. All you have to do is transfer funds from Paypal to credit card and it will work way easier. This method makes the process more handful. Some widely used credit cards on amazon include Delta, Union pay, American express, euro card, master card, and more.

Wrapping up

In general, two legit methods allow PayPal users to use their funds from a PayPal account and purchase their favorite items on amazon. The first method is using a gift card which is a bit expensive yet doable. The next method is transferring your funds from Paypal to credit card and then use it in buying. If amazon brings more diversity and relaxation in payment accepting methods and uses Paypal as a direct way to transfer funds, then it can be a way easier to purchase favorite products for many people around the globe.

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