Huey Rapper known for hit Pop, Lock & Drop is shot dead

Lawrence Franks Jr better known by his stage name Huey rapper was killed in a double shooting. The shooting took place in Kinloch, Missouri. When police were informed about the Huey rapper arrival at the hospital with a wound for one gunshot. It arrived immediately however, Franks discovered dead shortly arrival to the hospital.


Police have not arrested anyone in connection with the murder as the real motive behind this is still a mystery.

“Detectives believe as many as ten other individuals were present in and around the crime scene during the occurrence of this incident. Investigators strongly encourage those that are potential witnesses to please contact them,” police said.

A second victim from this entire incident was also taken to the hospital with wounds that were not too much and police have said it no life-threatening at all.

Huey rapper has made several hits including “Pop, Lock & Drop It” that remained on the billboard hot 100 for more than 23 weeks.

Investigators are asking potential witnesses to come forward with relatable information. Police also claimed that the shooting that took place on the same block is also relatable. Huey Rapper had one wound for gunshot and died shortly after arrival.

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Who was Lawrence Franks Jr aka Huey Rapper?

Lawrence Franks Jr was an American rapper primarily known by his stage name Huey. He was born and raised in  Kinloch, Missouri. He confessed when he returned as a teenager to St. Louis County, remembering city as the hub for drugs and a little but violence. He had a tough childhood and said that his parents were on drugs and brother was in and out from jail. At the age of 15, the American rapper, Huey started rapping and referred Franks to producer Angela Richardson,


Around 11 PM on June 25, 2020, and another 21-year-old victim shot dead in front of Huey’s home. Huey is survived by his daughter. The other victim survived and out of danger.

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