Inclusive guide – Is it worth to fly JetBlue Mint

If you are an average leisure traveler with a limited budget. You may not care about those expensive perks like hot towels, lie-flat seats, on-demand dining, direct aisle access. What if you get all these at relatively lower rate? JetBlue Mint is a low-class USA airline that has launched the first class traveling experience. The airline has an entire cabin of lie-flat seats that may seem pricey at first glance yet aren’t t that much costlier comparing all the benefits it offers for the avid travelers.

Read on the article to check all the ins and outs of the airline before you fly.

What impact JetBlue mint has on the market?

We are no dubious that JetBlue Mint is exceptionally innovative, yet their role in the market as a whole is also huge. With their cheap first-class services, they’ve caused the competitors to reduce their cabin transom pricing. The other airlines including American, Delta, United, and Virgin America, try to match their prices with JetBlue to compete in the market and to retain their customers.

Jetblue Mint
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Expedited check-ins and best meal services

You can enjoy many perks when you are flying with JetBlue mint that ranges from lie-flat meals to expedited check-ins to early boarding to faster access to baggage and many more. Travelers enjoy the atmosphere as the airline leaves no stone unturned in providing the luxury and the comfiest experience to the travelers.

jetblue Mint
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JetBlue Mint seats

The best and most exceptional part of being in Jetblue mint is the seating experience. The airline realized how crucial it is for long-distance travelers to have comfy and spacious seats. The seats are large enough to offer you the perfect leg space, and many adjustable features – especially the lie-flat seats are considered the longest in the US domestic air market. You feel like you are resting in a small cabin. Travelers can book two-seat side by side or a single seat that is called ‘Suite.’

  • It has six to eight seat with changeable seat softness,
  • The lumbar support can be adjusted according to the comfort level.
  • You get plenty of storage for the shoes and personal items.
  • The traveler will have a 15 inch TV for the entertainment purpose.

JetBlue Mint’s airline staff and other amenities

Extra amenities and the airline’s crew make the experience more luxury and beautiful. Before you order for the food, a flight attendant walks throughs your seat and provides you a menu of unlimited wines and curated tapas. However can choose from three of the most famous Tapas style dishes then get an in-flight appetizer, and lastly, a few desserts. Also there is a snack every five hours.

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Flight accessories kit

Hayward & Hopper gifts you flight accessories gift that includes earplugs, face wipes, moisturizer. The pillows often turn the seat into a cozy bed. The experience becomes more special for those who travel first class for the first time. They surely wish that they can stay on the plane for a bit longer.

Jetblue Mint
Source: Travelsort

Top reasons why JetBlue mint is the best

  1. Flight attendants are exceptional – their top-notch services make your traveling comfier.
  2. If you are a caffeine addictive, then JetBlue has the best drip coffee of any airline.
  3. The food is delicious; unlike other airlines, their food seems fresher. Travelers appreciate the meal and declare it the best domestic airline for the quality and tasty food.
  4. Jetblue offers free wifi for all the passengers, and you can get a faster speed of wifi by paying an extra $9.
  5. Their role in changing the market is imperative. The airline made competing  domestic airlines to bring down the prices.

Wrapping up

JetBlue mint has expanded and connected Newyork, Fort Lauderdale, Boston to the West Coast, and Caribbean and is more likely to grow the route. If you are an average leisure traveler you can pay few extra bucks to enjoy the first-class flight. However, it is more fitting for the special occasions or honeymoon. With the launch of Jetblue‘s first class flights, it has disrupted the market. A ticket that may cost $7000 will cost half or less in couple of years.


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