Instagram is one of the world’s largest social media platforms. It is working continuously to make its platform even better to meet the new demands. The popular photo and video sharing app will soon be revamped its stories look. Initially, it is reported that Instagram stories to get a revamped look and completely new features.

Stories; Different Social Media platforms

Like many other social media platforms, Instagram is evolving with the needs and demands of global users. Stories, a short-term and short-time update that vanishes automatically after 12 hours, started from Snapchat. Then the massive popularity brought this feature to Instagram and later to Facebook. Recently, the micro-blogging site Twitter has also got the bandwagon and launched ‘Fleets’.

These features have become global and most of the platforms used it too. Stories have become the popular feature of Instagram, too. This makes Instagram stories to get a revamped look and to bring a new layout to its already-popular feature.

Instagram stories to get a revamped look and new layout

Julian Gamboa, Marketing and Social Media Manager at Adweek tweeted you’ve heard of two rows of Instagram Stories. He cracked the surprise as add to the caption, “SEE ALL STORIES”. The screenshot shows all the stories on the screen. It means this new layout will give you all the stories in one place instead of a row.

This highlights the significance of the new update and its focus on stories. Previously, Instagram said that there will be two rows of stories for quick access to your favorite stories. But here we see Instagram stories to get a revamped look and completely smooth layout for story navigation.

One-click and the user will be able to see all the stories of the accounts he or she follows. But for the time being, the user expected to be a little shocked. Every time new looks get some time to become a normal new look. The reaction will be interesting to watch.

The previous update of Instagram

Exactly a year ago, Instagram updated its platform and divided tabs for Instagram reports: Global, Posts, and Stories.

Instagram stories after getting a revamped look and cool new layout will become the interesting stories to tell. Instagram stories are popular as everyone likes them, everyone shares them, and they keep on spreading.

From create mode to the friends list Instagram stories have all you need to create a wonderful story. The last update on Instagram had added AR filters, Reels, Instagram Music Stickers, and Stories donation filters.

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