The ways by which a company may benefit if they are investing in web app security


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Let us drive one point into our heads. All websites can be hacked. So the question is how often you are conducting a security check on your web applications. In some cases you may be lucky that an ethical hacker has done it and they would report it. Though in some other situations a blacker hacker would do so and they may exploit it to the fullest.

Pretty much like most companies your company is entrusted with the task of handing sensitive data or a private information that is intended to be kept private. An investment in web application security can enable you to keep up that commitment levels. Let us now have an idea on how web application resources many fulfill the dreams

Continuous form of web security against OWASP top 10 and others

Has your team obtained the necessary training on OWASP top 10 and their vulnerabilities? If a website is asking the users to input in specific information or dealing with sensitive data then it is vital that you check out the vulnerability of the system to the same.

When you are writing a code without paying attention to details it would be easier for a hacker to detect OWASP security flaws. This may include limited components with known XSS and vulnerabilities. It is subject to exploitation as the remediation process could turn out to be costly.

Provide developers a degree of confidence when it comes to their own code

If you are working in an agile way and in an agile team it would push products or products would be a common business methodology. A developer would be using cutting edge technology but all of them do not turn out to be experts in web application security or describing an insecure code. Appsealing is a platform which may be of help in such cases.

It is not that they would be in favor of web application security, and it is ok if you are looking to admit someone of your choice. Rather a lot of them feel that they are hard pressed for time when it comes to web security  and before release check out a code in details. It may lead to insecurity and a series of emotional issues.

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According to a survey 87 % of the people who have gone on to formulate their own code do not possess the necessary confidence. There is no point of blaming them.

Investment as your competitors have already been invested

Most of the high end companies are setting the tone when it comes to web application security. The tech teams would benefit from web security matters in their own hands and for better adoption a better user interface. The companies are seeking the benefits of IT security and it is not about cost handling of PR damage control along with remediation.

To conclude it is necessary to have a web application security, but it is necessary immediately.