We understand how depressing it is for a person with chipped or crowded teeth to see a person who has perfectly straight teeth. Getting flawless smile is the wish of all and sundry We have dedicated today’s article to Invisalign reviews.  Do they worth the money? What are the pros and cons? The treatment cost and how quickly this procedure straightens the teeth? Does it correct the bite without surgery?

If you have any of the above questions or want an in-depth review of this method, then read through the article.

Some of the facts about Invisalign treatment

Invisalign reviews can help you to determine whether the process can work best for you or not. Here are some of the points you must consider before going for this treatment.

Coldwater only

While wearing Invisalign, you should avoid hot water and just drink cold water. Cold coffee can stain and wrap aligners. And sugary or alcoholic drink shall lead to immediate plaque build-up.

Whiter teeth

With regular brushing and flossing, until the while wearing Invisalign is complete, your teeth may perk up the enamel to a significant extent.

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Refinement period

You would not be done after 40 trays. Instead, you will have to get refinement aligners to straighten the stubborn teeth. In short, when initial Invisalign are complete, there comes refinement Invisalign to fix the teeth that have not been aligned on the first phase.

No manicures:

Invisalign can’t be removed so conveniently; you may need the assistance of nails for effective removal. So, you may have to say “Good-Bye to manicure unless your treatment is complete.

You may lose weight

You must wear aligners for at least 22 hours, meaning you get just 2 hours for the three-time meals a day. Since aligners are lightweight, so it often becomes hard to remove them. Majority of people don’t like to take them off for the snacks. Therefore people who have been undergoing this treatment can reduce their weight. Most people feel a little pain while removing them and re-brushing them for more than three times a day.

Invisalign pros:

Virtually invisible:

The most convincing reason why the majority of people choose Invisalign over metal braces is their hidden nature. You don’t have to face the traditional embarrassment as they are virtually invisible.

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Safer to use:

Removable and easy cleaning

Metal braces may produce toxins that can be harmful to the health. On the other hand, Invisalign uses BPA-free plastic liners which is safe.

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Unlike metal braces, that remain attached until the process is done. Therefore, food often lodged around and in between the braces, making cleaning harder and sometimes impossible. While Invisalign reviews are generally positive because they can be conveniently removed and cleaned.

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Invisalign cons:

Must be worn 22 hours a day

If you don’t follow your dentist recommendation and don’t wear Invisalign for 22 hours, you may not get the desired result.

Frequent cleaning:

You may have to brush or floss after every food consumption. It seems to be annoying, but it does have a benefit as people will get better oral health and their teeth get whiten during the Invisalign treatment.

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Aligners should be removed before every meal

You must put off the aligners before every meal or drink. It can be great for people who are struggling to lose their weight as with Invisalign people tend to have lesser snacks throughout the day.

Is Invisalign painful?

People generally search for invisalign review to know whether the Invisalign are painful or not. Fortunately, it is not painful; however, patients may feel sensitivity in the first 3-4 days. Invisalign treatment is done by applying a consistent force that may feel like a pressure.

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They are not painful, in case you feel, consider contacting a doctor.

How much Invisalign can cost you?

The prices may vary, but on the average price for Invisalign may be between $3500-$7000 without any insurance. Here are some factors that help to determine the exact cost.  

  • How extensive the problem is
  • How long the plan can last
  • The specific treatment prescribed a certified dentist.

How long do you have to wear the Invisalign?

The exact duration may vary depending upon case to case. However, the process on average takes six months. Visual appointments are taken first in order to provide you the probable period of this treatment.

How can you know if you are right candidate for Invisalign.

Treatment can go seamless to almost with every patient who is struggling to have a perfect smile. If you are the one who likes to have their teeth position corrected and can wear the trays all the day, except when you have to take the meal: then you can be a right candidate for Invisalign.

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