Bluestacks is one of the most-popular Android emulator available online. Thousands of users have shown various concerns about it. Whether using Bluestacks is safe or not? In this 3 minutes read we will discuss it with every minutest detail to find right answer to the question Is BlueStacks Safe.

Before moving towards the main topic, I would like to mention one of many emails I have received regarding Is Bluestacks Safe.

“I installed Bluestacks gaming app to play Plant Vs Zombies 2 on my Laptop. The main reason to do so is to play the game for free. I Googled it and found various sources highlighting in block letters ‘Its Free’. But once installing it in my Laptop, I started getting the attached. Does this stands for the risks involved in using the app? Should I uninstall it or continue using it?’

You can see the concern behind the above-mentioned lines. It is not only with few users. Almost, every 5th user of Bluestacks emulator asking for the same question, so, we run a complete research to find out the truth.

What Is Bluestacks?

To address the main topic, it is necessary to define Bluestacks as an app. Well, there are many apps available in the Google Play Store enabling users to run Android games on PC & Macs. These types of apps are called emulators. In diction, emulator stands for someone who copies words or behavior of others.

In simple words, Bluestacks is a free Android emulator for PC and Mac. As it is clear by the term, emulator, Bluestacks enables desktop users to run an Android app or game normally designed for Android.

Use of Bluestacks on PC & Mac

As we have already mentioned that Bluestacks is an emulator helping users to run Android apps on PC & Mac, it is mainly used to play games like PUBG, Temple Run, and Candy Crush. These are the games mainly designed for Android platforms. But many of the gamers prefer to play these games on PC because of improved graphics.

An interesting fact about Bluestacks is that it is developed by Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, and AMD.

Bluestacks and Security

Emulator users are mainly concerned for security. Most of the Bluestacks users put forward queries to address security concerns intact with it.

One major reason for suspecting Bluestacks is safe or not is notifications of 3rd party software. When you install Bluestacks, applications like McAfee and Avast might detect the software as a threat. In fact, we can say that 3rd party software detects executable as a threat.

Let me assure you that Antivirus software is not always right. Especially, in such cases where app is installed from an unknown source, the problem pops up. You may have experienced it. Whenever you install an app from an unknown source, Avast and McAfee starts notifying threat. But it is not always as it is detected by these softs.

Are there any Malware and Adware Issues?

The next big thing is ‘Are there any Adware or Malware issues related to Bluestacks?’ After receiving hundreds of mails, my curiosity raised high sky. I installed Bluestacks and started using it. After a continuous use of 6 months and running different test, I found nothing harmful about Bluestacks. Rest assured Bluestacks has no pre-added malware or adware software.

Why Bluestacks Effects Performance?

If there is nothing concerning about adware or malware threat than why Bluestacks affects performance. It is quite right to say that Bluestacks sometimes effects performance of your PC 0r Mac.

It is happening because of the low specs of your PC. Bluestacks is reported to eat a lot of system’s performance. It is advised to upgrade your PC or Mac in order use Bluestacks effectively. Even, medium-spec computers are reported with same issues.

Bluestacks as an emulator has nothing to do with the performance your PC. Actually, it all happens because of low or medium specs. ‘Is Bluesticks Safe’ has no link to it.

Long story put short, Bluestacks is safe to use. But according to many users’ experiences, the latest versions of it are the safest.

The Latest Versions of Bluestacks

In the beginning, there are many speculations about Bluestacks. Many of the famous houses told there users to stop using the emulator, especially its revenue version. It was full of uncertainties. The reason was that to continue using the app either you have to buy the app or use it free by downloading apps & rate them. Obviously, it was not that much of concern. Some the apps that were added on download, contained adware. To add agony, that version of Bluestacks did not include uninstaller.

To give quality experience to the users, Bluestacks did notice the issue. Taking the right decision it has included an uninstaller to it latest versions.

To sum up, Bluestacks is safe to use. All the related concerns are apparently because of computer’s low or medium specs. The issue regarding absence of uninstaller has taken care by the developers. The latest version of Bluestacks is safe for use.

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