Disney has a long history and legacy of providing classic blockbusters and modern hits. It has evolved according to the demands and needs of the cinema and the audience as well. But this time has shadowed the success and achievements of various industries. The film and movie industry has been badly struck by the effects of the pandemic.

family-friendly streaming service Disney+ evolved

Like most of the houses in the business, Disney is facing a challenging year. On the other hand, the previous year proved one of the best in the company’s history. The launch of Disney plus accelerated revenue generation and movie flow was increased. The successful year 2019 also opened new doors of criticism for Disney as well. One of many was opening their family-friendly streaming service Disney+ for movies.

It gets criticized because Disney is a big target and an easy target. In 2019, Disney had filled the movie arena with hits and blockbuster movies of different genres. According to Variety, seven of the top ten biggest hits of last year were Disney: Frozen II, The Lion King, Captain Marvel, The Rise of Skywalker, Aladdin, and Toy Story 4. These movies accounted for an astounding 33 percent of the market, a popular magazine claimed.

Disney Chief Creative Officer Alan Horn and Co-Chairman told in a statement, “We are very proud of our Studios team” adding “the extraordinary slate of films they delivered to fans all around the world in 2019,”. “This was a year like no other!”, Co-Chairman Alan Bergman stated.

Time proved Disney+ a right move

The world shifted from large cinema houses to the small rooms and even to the palms individuals. Now, people are looking for the best streaming services that can provide content on the go. This made the largest movie and animation producer launch its streaming service Disney+.

With a lot of attention going towards Star Wars series The Mandalorian, and relatively minor duds like the Dumbo remake, it seems Disney played the right move.

When things were going the best possible way for the company the world struck badly by Covid-19. This pandemic hurt every entertainment company, but Disney in particular was forced to close its theme parks around the world. Recently, the company reopened  Disney World theme park Florida but faced scrutiny for doing so as Covid-19 cases spiked in the state.

Disney+ altered classics

Before this all happened, it was predicted that the year 2020 would trend downward because Disney had front-loaded 2019 with so many hits.

But Disney perfectly tried to catch the rhythm again by releasing Hamilton on Disney+. This July released movie remained in the talks for weeks. Some people noticed that the video censored some f-bombs. The streaming service has altered many other shows as well. The list of alteration goes to Splash, the 1984 film that is considered one of the studio’s first “adult” hits.