Are you in favor that living in an RV is way better than living in a house? If you have made your mind to live your entire life into a motorhome; you must know all the ins and outs of the camper living, whether it is worth transitioning to the mobile lifestyle.

For some people it is of great interest, and beneficial to move into RV, while for others, it could be wastage of huge money as living in recreational vehicles may not be as simple as it seems. There are so many things you must consider before making this critical MOVE in life.

Living in an RV

You can end up discarding possession

You may be dreaming of an RV lifestyle, but your desire can lead you to dump all the possession that takes ample space. You can end up discarding expensive furniture,  artwork, bulky electronics, duplicate household goods, full-sized vacuum cleaner, and clunky sports equipment as all these possession can’t be compensated in a recreational vehicle.

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Putting all your necessary types of equipment in a limited space house may be difficult. Therefore,  consider buying sheds to place all your belongings. Sheds are great for the long-run investment and won’t cost you much. You can also rent a room and put all your belongings; some individuals are lucky that their relatives or a family member have a spacious home, and they let them to keep their possession in any of the spare rooms.

RV living is not ideal with children and pets

It is not the best idea to live in an RV when you have kids or pets with you. Since motor homes are not the safest or child-friendly amenities. Living too many people can create problem, no matter how customized or spacious the vehicle is. We also know that pet needs unique toys, food and equipment and they are more likely to wreak havoc on your recreational vehicle.

Living in an RV

The best solution is to have more customized RV for kids, and in case you want to accompany a dog. Make sure they are small in size and groom them properly. Having large dogs and pigs will not be a good fit for such vehicles.

Earning opportunities while living in an RV

The most critical thing that comes in your mind while you are committed to sale your physical house and relying on a remote home is how you will make money. As you must have a fixed or physical address for a job. And having RV makes it less likely to stick to one place or city to continue a specific career. therefore, to support a living in an RV, you may be considering to join any temporary or seasonal jobs. Luckily, there are so many opportunities with great perks that you can opt to support the living. The best options include:

  • Do a job remotely
  • Start your own business

Stick to the manual

Every RV has a manual, and one must invest significant time to learn about the basics. We don’t ask you that you must be a tech savvy, but you must have a know how to deal with situation when there are sudden leaks in the roof or windows. Schedule time to do chores recommended in the manual  – there won’t be a massive list of tasks but some essential one to make your road life easier.

Living in an RV

Topmost convincing reasons to have an RV

  1. You can choose a lifestyle of whimsy; you can go anywhere in the world.  
  2. It’s a great conversation starter as almost everyone owns a physical house, but rarely a person may own an RV, so whoever meets you will ask you for a tour.
  3. It will be a small comfy home, and it hardly takes 10 minutes to clean the entire house.
  4. The best part, and that may allure many of you out there is “ RVing costs you no utility bill.”
  5. You won’t have to pay a jumbo mortgage. You’ve just paid off everything.

Where does the physical address go?

After you got committed to your computer home, you still need a physical address for a driving license, permanent legal address, voting registration, and bank account. There are so many state laws and regulations you follow, and most of them may not cooperate enough when it comes to the nomadic lifestyle.

Bottom line

Not everyone can be capable enough to adapt their lifestyle to live in a travel unit. Just like anything in this world, recreational vehicles do have their pros and cons associated. For some, the negative overweight, the positive and they skip the idea of living in an RV and vice versa.

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