Jana Kramer huddles up husband Mike Caussin after topless photo thing

Jana Kramer, a famous celebrity and star, is in the news as she posted a selfie of her with her husband, the athlete, Mike Caussin. Rumors were on the high that the couple is facing issues and most importantly, Jana Kramer was the one with concerns. The latest on it is that Jana Kramer huddles up husband Mike Caussin after topless photo thing found its climax.

But what was so important and annoying about the topless photo thing?

The answer is very simple. Nowadays, going topless is the new trend set by social media and especially by Instagram. Though, instagram has a very strict policy about nudes, there are numerous topless photos floating on the world’s most popular photo sharing app.

Jana Kramer uploaded cute mode selfie with her husband Mike Caussin. The photo was shared on her official Instagram account days after she found a topless photo which was text to her husband by someone she doesn’t know.

One of many possible positions made in this case suggests that she did this because she wanted to tell Miss nobody, texting topless photos to her husband, that she loves her husband and will never give up. It is the wisest thing to do.

The charm on One Tree Hill, 35, updated her status on Instagram on Saturday, 12th October. It was a bedtime selfie showing the couple in their bedroom. Mike Caussin, 32, can be seen in the photo with his looks to make the selfie look great. The selfie also reveals the tattoo on the left arm of Jana Kramer.

One of the common experiences of marriages around the world is going to rough patches. The couple showed all this affection on social media when the country singer reveals that they hit another rough patch on their married life.

(L-R) Jana Kramer, Mike Caussin Instagram

Smartphones and gadgets are the necessary equipments helping celebrities to stay in touch with their fans. But to some extent, these gadgets cause trouble as well.

In 6th October’ episode on ‘Whine Down’ Jana revealed that she found a topless photo – in the text messages on her husband’s Apple Watch – text by someone he didn’t know.

Although she added a bedtime selfie with her husband Mike by adding caption a red heart, she could not help her at first when she found the topless photo.

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When she was revealing it she expressed her thoughts in the following words, “I saw it, and … my heart just fell. I was like, it’s here. It’s happened again. I’m such a f–king idiot … Like, how is this happening again?”

Kramer shares daughter Jolie, 3, and son Jace, 10 months, with the NFL player. The athlete is recovering a sex addict. He has been in treatment for more than 3 years but remains sober for only 18 months.

(L-R) Jana Kramer, Mike Caussin Instagram

The climax of all this Topless photo drama is Kramer’s 13th October ‘Whine Down’ episode. Here she revealed that she is in a really awkward situation.

“I’m not saying its weak to stay, I’m not saying it’s weak to leave,” she said in the latest episode on ‘Whine Down’. She added, “I’m just saying for me personally and where I’m at and how many times. … I’m now like; it’s weakening me by staying.”

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