Jennifer Aniston along with her best friends are following a ritual called “Goddess circle”. On Tuesday, September 10, she was interviewed by The NEW YORK TIMES and explained about a ritual she and her gal pals follow.

She and her best friends cross-legged on a cushion and pass around a particular beechwood talking stick decorated by various feathers and charms.  She reconfirmed from a newspaper whether she should call it a circle and was apparently worried about using “Goddess” term in her own story. The morning star revealed she performed the same practice before her marriage to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. She confessed that she performed the same virtual when she and her husband had to put down their beloved dog “ Jolly”.

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The actress views the “Goddess circle”  as a celebration and a great way to commemorate the new beginnings of life.

The actress along with her friends also circled in February – Aniston’s 50th birthday.

Jennifer Aniston’s marriage history

Jennifer has married twice Brad Pitt ( m. 2000; div. 2005) and Justin Theroux ( m. 2015; Sep. 2017). Despite getting divorced two times, she is is still hopeful and has not given up on love. She is open to dating if something comes along organically. She has been optimistic throughout her life. Scroll down to know the list of guys Jennifer Aniston has romanced in the past.

Charlie Schlatter

Before her famous drama “Friends” aired on TV, she was starred in a John Hughes film. Later it has been revealed she romanced with her costar.

Daniel McDonald

Jennifer Aniston and Daniel Mcdonald had dated for five years. The guy was later died due to brand cancer. Once the Aniston confessed that he could be the one. However, her comment about her husband was utterly abhorrent for her widow “Mujah Maraini-Melehi” and said in one of her interviews:

”I am sorry that Jennifer did not realize the treasure that was Daniel when she had the chance, long before he and I met and long before he died. It pains me to read the headlines that allude to her losing him tragically when in fact she was not present during his long and difficult illness.”

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd and Aniston had a long-rumored relationship that she admitted and confessed that the paired was together when she was just 12. The duo also appeared in a movie together called “The Newton Boys together, also in “friends” and “wanderlust”. 

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Brad Pitt

Brad pit and Aniston had the most perfect couple. They started dating in 1998 and married in 2000 and separated in 2005 in the middle of widespread rumor that Brad cheated with Angelie Julie – whom he began dating after the split. In September 2018, a source told that Aniston does not want to be with Brad in a romantic relationship again.

Vince Vaughen

When she moved on from her ex-husband she started spending time with Vince Vaughen. The high interruption of media caused the relationship to end. Later true detective star revealed that he did not like the paparazzi side. Jennifer also confessed how great it was for the couple to spend quality time together.

Justin Theroux

The couple first met on the set of tropic thunder where they were introduced by the movie director. The couple didn’t start dating until they met again on the set of wanderlust. They made their relationship public in 2011 and got engaged in 2012 and announced the wedding three years later in 2015. Aniston and Justin announced separation in February 2018 and declared it as the mutual decision that was lovingly made by them.

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