The legal battle between ex-couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is finally moving towards a climax. And it seems that former is winning the legal battle as several accusations against the latter have come afloat.

The legal proceedings are finally moving towards an obvious decision-making process. On Wednesday, the was told that Heard, 34, ex-wife of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp, threatened her assistant lying into Australian authorities upon her getting caught illegally taking two pooches into the country with no paperwork.

Johnny Depp ex Amber Heard was at the brink of 10-year imprisonment sentence

In 2015, she had been taken into custody and was at the brink of facing a 10-year prison sentence for smuggling the Yorkshire terriers to Oz.

Quick at her legal rescue was Estate manager for Johnny Depp, Kevin Murphy who at that time lied to the Australian authorities in order to save Amber Heard, who was in a relationship with Depp. Kevin Murphy admitted it to the court.

He managed to save Heard by signing documents that asserted that Kate James, Heard’s newly-dismissed assistant, was the culprit. The dismissed assistant was blamed for the missing paperwork. This has made Heard simple innocent as she was unaware of the case when she flew.

This doesn’t conclude here. Murphy told the court that Amber Heard even asked him to tell James to also “lie under oath”. He was told to tell lie even under oath that Heard was traveling without knowing that the pets were illegal. He made a statement that Heard ‘was aware that this was illegal because I had informed her repeatedly by email, telephone, and in-person’.

To prove this in the court, the legal team of Johnny Depp presented an email exchange with lawyer Marty Singer. This email maintained that if her former assistant could sign a statement, it would be of great help to her.

Singer’s email read that Heard ‘will have to be careful that she will co-operate and not go public if you ask her not to be truthful’.

Murphy did this to save his job at that time

Murphy said in the court that he told Heard that he ‘was uncomfortable with giving a false statement to the court and that I would not ask Ms. James to do so’. He further admitted that he gave this idea to Heard after she “threatened” him to “commit perjury” on her behalf.

Murphy told the court that he did all that ‘the threat of losing my job or having trouble with my job’. Thus to save his job, Murphy had to agree to the task. He felt ‘anxious and uneasy’ of the threatening language of Ms. Heard.

Sasha Wass asked Murphy whether he admitting ‘committed perjury in Australia’ because of your ‘your boss’ wife’ told you? Murphy replied, “That’s correct.”