Kris Jenner’s favorite child would be Kim Kardashian West again if her husband Kanye West wins the 2020 US presidential elections. Kanye West recently fanned flames of controversy with a startling announcement, and political pundits are abuzz about it.

From the moment American rapper has announced his ‘wild’ dream on the upcoming elections, fans and followers are debating all over social media about the impact it will create. Some of the eager fans linked this announcement to family and Kim Kardashian West.

Kanye West was running for president

Kanye West was stranger to such controversies till 4th July when he took to Twitter to announce his patriotism and that he was running for president. He tweeted that people “must now realize the promise of America by trusting God” adding “unifying our vision and building our future.” In the end, he announced he ‘running for president of the United States!’ with #2020VISION.

All the fans of ‘I Love It’ singer remember that Kanye has made the same announcement in 2015 as well. Back then, he declared his intention to run for the highest office in the land. His announcements always make him asked if he is serious about the plan. And quite reasonably, he says yes always. But the timeline about when to run seems to have changed.

Kris Jenner’s would-be favorite Kim Kardashian always support husband Kanye’ ambitions

Kim is as ambitious as husband Kanye and she publicly supports her husband’s ambitions. She responded to the announcement just instantly and retweet it with American flag emoji for an extra dose of patriotism.

According to E, Kim is also worried about Kanye as he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Moreover, he has refused medication. She has revealed in the past about the difficulty of a bipolar episode. She is supporting Kanye for his ambition, also is “very concerned” about him.

Kris Jenner would Kim Kardashian as First Lady; a little more

The 2020 US presidential election is just four months distance and Kanye isn’t on the ballot in any of the states. If this is the time, he has to work hard. Fans are already imagining Kim Kardashian as the first lady. Not only it would increase her significance and following but also give her some significant advantages with her mother; Kris Jenner.

The idea of a favorite child varies from parent to parent and especially for celebrity parents like Jenners. Unlike many parents, Jenner says it changes every day, making the most favored child happens to be the most successful. Khloé answered, “Kimberly 10 years ago Kylie now,” when asked about Kris Jenner’s favorite child.

How Jenner would react to her daughter being First Lady? The idea brought up by a recent Reddit conversation. Due to the legendary ambition of Jenner, most of the fans think that if Kim made it into the White House, it would bump her back into first place again.