Making his way to the acting career with commercial in the mid-80s as a child star, Bentley quickly learned the art to win the hearts of television viewers. His shining bright career consists of various movies and music charts. He never seemed to disappoint his fans with his skills. 

His name will always remain as a prominent figure in the acting and music industry. His sudden death in a car accident unleashed agony for fans across the globe.

From the first flight of his successful career in the mid-80s to his sudden tragic death in 2005, catch all the details with selective works of Bentley

Early life

The Moesha was a star born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 25, 1973, to Loyce Bentley and Donald L. Gardison. Bentley and his sister spent quality time while growing up and attending Webster Middle School. At a very early age, Bentley was preparing to become a star one day. According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, Bentley started focusing his career to stardom at an age of 12 when he practiced his autograph. Famous as Lamont, Bentley was called Cuz and My Guy by his friends and affectionate.

Quest for a Big Role

As he was determined at a very young age to emerge as a star one day, Bentley started his quest for a big role in his teenage. It is evident that success in acting comes at a very high effort rate and struggling artists work day and night to land at a big opportunity. Same is the case with Bentley, he worked odd jobs while struggling for a big role. He played small parts in television series and movies before landing bigger roles.

1st Feature Film of Bentley

The 1995 horror movie Tales from the Hood which was a horror drama-comedy amalgam was the first success of Bentley. From this horror movie, with his chameleon-like acting skills, Bentley caught the eyes of critics and filmmakers.

The Big Breakthrough

Once getting appreciation from the critics and fans via 1995 horror, Bentley landed at an opportunity to play the lead role in the television sitcom Moesha. It is right to say that Hakeem Campbell was the role that brought success to him.

The actor and musician had an accident when he was traveling on the 118 Freeway near Simi Valley sometime after midnight. That midnight of 2005 happened to be his last.

May his soul rest in peace!

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