Lashana Lynch is a black British women who perform in James Bond’s upcoming new movie “No time to die” as his new agent No 007.  There is some phony news about Lashana’s role in this movie that she will be the new Bond. She is playing the role of his secret agent number as he is going to retire so the James Bond Fans are so inquisitive about this new entry. This movie will release on 8th April 2020 till then we have to wait to watch the bond’s new introducing character.

Who is upcoming James Bond Agent?

Black women, British actress, London born Lashana Lynch we can see her now in James Bond’s new movie “No time to die”.  Young and dynamic Lashana lynch performed as 007 agent number which is dreadful for Bond’s fans.

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Lashana Lynch is a talented and glamorous actress who performed and save the world as an agent in James bond’s upcoming spy movie “No time to die”. This is the last time Daniel Craig appeared in James bond’s spy movie as he is going to retire. At the start of the movie, there is a crucial scene when Lashana Lynch walks beautifully it’s a moment for fans which we can say that popcorn dropping moment. She also performed as a fighter pilot in her movie Captain Marvel. Lashana Lynch is the kind of actress who already where she want to stand in her life. In her early years, she decided what would be her future as Black women she made history.

Reaction of Bond’s Fan , Lashana Replies

James Bond’s fans looking for what black women perform as 007 code No.  Some fans show negative conduct and spread rumors because they don’t want to appreciate black women. Lashana shows mercy on this mentality and she said,  “They are actually from a sad place”. She shows the peak of her maturity when she reported that People think and counter about an idea that is not related to my life.  It is clear that Lashana lynch is the main character in this movie. She is looking so excited about her mission and helps Bond to find the way that is not possible for him. She is the leading character with full of actions.

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