Longmire Season 7: Satisfying End Promised

After the conclusion of its last aired season, many fans thought that it won’t return to the screen as Longmire season 7. But the showbiz industry is full of surprises where every passing moment unfolds new discoveries for fans. Season 6 of ‘Longmire’ was aired in November, 17 and it was great success as fan around the globe felt the magnet rays attracting them towards it.

Now, we have good news for all of the fans of ‘Longmire’. According to credible sources, the intense crime drama ‘Longmire’ won’t return season 7 and creators promise a satisfying ending that it deserved. It all started from season 3 of the popular drama series when it was to be closed by A&E but due to the protest of fans and continuous pressure it didn’t happened. When the show was to breathing its last, Netflix jumped in as a hero to save the series. Finally, Netflix helped fans to have more on ‘Longmire’.

Greer Shepherd and other producers of the show thanked Netflix in a joint statement by saying. “We are grateful to Netflix for the opportunity to compose a closing chapter for these beloved characters that inspires lasting memories.” They further added that ‘we are more committed to deliver a satisfying end to the most-loved crime drama series. It is quite satisfying for fans that are more keen and interested in having more on the show.


It is a universal phenomenon that people in this modern are more prone to spend their leisure time on internet, Netflix, YouTube and many of the social media apps. A reason that many socialists and scientists offer to solidify this concern is that people are always looking for entertainment whether online or offline.

Based on Craig Johnson’s best-selling novel Walt Longmire which is actually a mystery genre novel, Longmire was a series initially produced by A&E and later by Netflix. Put short, Longmire was critically acclaimed and loved by all the fans and critics around the world. Moreover, the Australian actor, Robert Taylor in the title made this season everlasting for fans. It is due to his legacy as well that Longmire became a popular series of its time.

Another thing of the show that went on the sky of love and people loved the most is, Cassidy Freeman in the role of Cady Longmire. Though, Cady was a fictional character but the charm of Cassidy made look real and brought it out from the pages of novel to the world of reality.

longmire season 7

 From the very day the show aired last time, November, 2017, rumors had it that the show had its ending and there will be no episodes. It was taken as a bad news by many of the fans. The genuine acting of Robert Taylor enriched with the company of Cassidy Freeman and the support of Craig Johnson’s rich writing is a combination worth missing. People were asking why the show was canceled by the producers and creators. And to answer the question accordingly crew and cast hold press conferences time to time. But these announcements were not as satisfying as it was to create its satisfying end which the show deserved.

The series was produced by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin and it was based on the novel named ‘Walt Longmire’ which was played by Robert Taylor the Australian actor. First three seasons of the show was created under the banner of A&E. It was until the season four that Netflix offered its support to the show to help fan get more of the crime drama series.

The Netflix’s production of the show was also something worth-mentioning. The exact reason to which A&E canceled its production is still unknown to this day. Another aspect to mention here is that the viewership of A&E got stronger by every passing day.

Within no time of A&E announcement to cancel the show, Netflix swooped in and made a strong impression that it will continue the show under its banner. By the grace of God, the show had its three more seasons produced by Netflix, and Longmire was aired in 2015, 2016, and 2017 for fourth, fifth and sixth time respectively.

After the production of its last season, ‘Longmire’ breath for the last time as the oxygen was blocked by producers. Fans were protesting on this announcement because according to them in season 6 the shoe didn’t had a satisfying end. Now the crew and cast ensure that there will be a satisfying end to the show as it deserves.

In addition, it is very important to know the cause of this cancelation made by its previous banner and the current as well. Much like A&E, Netflix did not announce the reason. Without any numbers and figures by the creators it is hard and even it is wrong to paint a picture of our own. But we can assume some of the reasons like it may be due to the finances, viewership or writer’s will. As we know that it is writer’s will to take decision that its time.

Many believe that show had breathe its share of oxygen provided by novel’s writing. So, it is quite right to run towards its happy ending. It is not the owners that decide. In fact, it is all about the audience, spectators, fans and followers’ choice to decide whether the show is to be continued of canceled.

In this last section of our article, we try to judge the ending of ‘Longmire season 6’ and it is the hard part of it. It is globally acclaimed fact that fans are always dissatisfied by the end of seasons. According to many of them, most of the drama series died due a rushed end. And they believed that many factors includes in this rushed work like losing financers, viewership issues, and low ratings.

Lastly, the most concerned question about ‘Longmire season 7’ that whether there will be season or not. If we look at the announcements and press releases by the crew and cast, it is obvious that fans will have another season wish will be the last. But we don’t have the exact time for you.

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