The first season of the 60s classic released on Netflix in April 2018 and gained massive support from subscribers. The ten episodes’ Lost on Space Season 2 was released in December 2019. With the conclusion of season 2, concerns and questions about the future of the show are floating all over the internet.

As per the ending of season 2, another season of the show may seem less likely but subscribers do not want to see an early end. The adventure of space must continue. The show has built a legacy of cliffhanger handing leaving lead characters in dramatic limbo. The same is the case with Lost in Space Season 2 finale. Here is a complete explanation of the ending and future expectations about another season

Lost in Space Season 2 Ending: Where Will and his Robot take the show?

Spoilers Ahead!

First of all, it is hard to find some sort of explanation about the relation between Will and the Robot. One more thing to add, there seems to a special connection of the Robot. The ending of Lost in Space Season 2 unfolds the ability of Will to control the robot-kind with his persuasive mind to find a solution for every situation.

Children being ‘Lost in Paradise’ after Resolute failing reaching Centauri, Don West and Will Robinson parents had no idea where to start searching their kids. The interesting fact about the show is that they never bothered to name the planet.

Initially, it was the planet of the Robots where the adventure takes place. The ring around the planets may have significant meanings. The connection may seem visible on Scarecrow’s armor and when he got the same place, it stands for a recharge place requirement for every Robot.

Without adding more spoiler about Lost in Space Season 2, we suggest you go through the season and draw your own explanation of the show.

Lost in Space Season 2 Expectations: Will Willbe back with his adventures?

Well, after months of the release of the second season, with different explanations of show available online, we are uncertain about the future of the show. The finale of Lost in Space Season 2 left different unanswered questions. At this time, speculations are the best we could offer.

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