Created by Tucker Cawley, Netflix Original comedy series Merry Happy Whatever was one of the finest presentations the TV giant presented on the Christmas 2019. It has been seen that Netflix always faces problems and issues to renew a series that did not go according to the expectations previously. Same is the case with Merry Happy Whatever Season 2, the official still on it is still unknown.

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2: Cast

Dennis Quaid will return with the lead role and Sheriff Don Quinn will entertain you for the second season. In a statement, Quaid says, “I was the weakest member of the cast because it’s a different animal, and you got to get up to speed with these things. When you say the first punchline and all you hear is silence, it’s deafening.”

Once the lead role is finalized other characters find their way accordingly. The rest of the cast will be consist of Bridgit Mendler stars as Emmy Quinn and Hayes MacArthur stars as Sean Quinn, Adam Rose as Todd Siobhan Murphy as Patsy, Elizabeth Ho as Joy Quinn, Garcelle Beauvais as Nancy, Tyler Ritter as Alan, Chris Myers as Bryan, Mason Davis as Sean Quinn Jr. and Lucas Jaye as Donny Quinn.”

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Merry Happy Whatever Season 2: What will happen?

The sitcom gives us Don Quinn who is the family patriarch and he longs for Christmas vacations to spend quality time in his clan. Despite differences, issues, and problems within the clan, Don tries his best to make everybody live together as a family. When he arrives home and set all the atmosphere, his daughter Emmy arrives from LA with her boyfriend.

From this moment the story will lead to new twists and it will be a treat to watch how Don reacts and handles the situation.

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2: Renewal Status

Renewal of seasons on Netflix or even on any other TV series giant is always an issue of debate, wait, and dates. This goes on the high sky when the season fails to get fans’ attention in the previous release.

At the time of writing, Netflix has not announced any confirm date for the Merry Happy Whatever Season 2. But we can expect it in late 2020. We will share the latest when it comes.

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