Messiah on Netflix – Initially it got canceled

Nothing can stop Netflix from producing critically acclaimed and the audience appreciated TV series. Numerous TV shows and movies are in the pipeline even in this pandemic struck year. Stranger things season 4 is happening and Sex Education season three gets the green light. The Crown is also moving towards the final chapter. An early ending to one or many of these series is also possible. Right now, you can stream Messiah on Netflix, a show that was initially canceled. Catch out what caused cancelation.

Messiah though performed well got canceled

After hitting controversy the fictional – not real – Messiah managed it landing on Netflix for streaming. It revolves around a CIA agent and a charismatic figure. The charismatic figure stirs political unrest and sparks a spiritual movement. The followers of this man, Messiah, take him to be the Second Coming of Christ. And the CIA agent was tasked with finding the truth behind this mysterious man.

Interestingly, right after the release of the first season on Netflix, it was announced that there would be no season 2. The show made its landing on New Year’s Day. The cancelation was announced in March.

Wil Traval who played Will Mathers in Messiah announced the cancelation on Instagram as “It’s a very sad day today.” The cancelation was sudden and surprising as well. Generally, Netflix has a legacy to continue with a large number of viewers.

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Why Messiah got canceled

The first season has 10 episodes with an average of 50 minutes of runtime. Michelle Monaghan, Mehdi Dehbi, and John Ortiz play major roles. Michael Petroni has created the first season. Usually, Netflix never explains a cancelation. But one possible reason is low ratings. Netflix is a platform attracting global viewers and worldwide revenue. Turns out, Messiah failed to doesn’t get enough bang for its buck.

While telling the investing requirements, Cindy Holland – Netflix’s head of original content – said, “we decide how much to invest based on the audience that will show up.” The audience is the only savior of a show in the streaming world. No or little audience makes the creators invest somewhere else.

Another reason for cancelation is little interest in producing an international show filmed in various countries with an international cast. Messiah on Netflix season 1 was filmed in New Mexico and Amman. But keep in mind this not Netflix’s statement. All we can is hope for Messiah season 2 on Netflix.

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